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Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Welcome!


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Welcome to Chocolate Week!




Now, settle in and get comfy, we have lots for you to hang out and do so get in a cosy chair




Let me bring you a hot chocolate




And I'll let you know what's in store for you this week!


We have a Chocolate delivery thread to spread joy and happiness in the Tower, run by me!

An excellent Chocolate Week tradition of Wheel of Fortune by the magnificent Cindy

The Healing Power of Chocolate Discussion and sharing session by myself and the rest of the Brown Ajah

The thread to get you baking again, the fan favourite...RECIPES run by the delightful James

Aaaaaaaaand the Games thread. So many chocolatey related games masterminded by me!


On you marks, get set, go!


Let's get your teeth into this delicious Chocolate Week.


I am very hungry now. 

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Oh man, chocolate! *drools*

Yes, like I need excuse to talk about chocolate...but I do love chocolate week  :biggrin:



Pin this topic for the duration of the week? I would do it, but I seem to have lost my abilities :)


Good idea!

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