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Winter's Heart

The world itself thrashes wildly as the Last Battle approaches, forcing the Dragon Reborn to undetake a dramatic task.

Summary of Winter's Heart

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Book summary by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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Winter’s Heart: Summary

(Jumara 19 - Saban 22, N.E. 1000)

Perrin learns that Faile has been taken prisoner. He is unable to follow immediately, forced to wait on Masema’s untrustworthy followers, then loses the trail and is forced to backtrack. Meanwhile, Faile is taken to Sevanna and made gai’shain.

Elayne prepares to defend her claim for the Lion Throne, hiring mercenaries and permitting a large Borderland army to cross Andor in hopes that they will scare some of her enemies into supporting her. Elayne is nearly assassinated in a complex plan which leaves her rescuer—in truth a murderous Darkfriend—in a position of power in the palace.

Rand Travels to Caemlyn in secret and is talked into Bonding Elayne, Min, and Aviendha. After spending a night with Elayne, Rand disappears with Nynaeve, the freed damane Alivia, and several ter’angreal.

Tuon, the Daughter of the Nine Moons, arrives in Ebou Dar with the Corenne—the Seanchan’s “Return”—in the guise of a mere high lady. Mat is saved from the gholam by a man named Noal Charin, then walks in on Queen Tylin entertaining Tuon and the High Lady Suroth. Tuon studies Mat’s signet ring and offers to buy him.

Mat decides it’s time to leave Ebou Dar, and begins moving his belongings to an inn, where he finds Joline Sedai frantic to escape the Senchan-held city. He agrees to help her and two captured Aes Sedai—Teslyn and Edesina.

Rand searches for the traitor Asha’man in Far Madding—a city which might as well be in a stedding. He kills two, but Padan Fain uses the others as bait and gets Rand arrested. Cadsuane and Nynaeve use a pair of ter’angreal called “wells” to trick the city’s Counsels into freeing him.

After Mat’s first plan to free the Aes Sedai fizzles, he is approached by Bayle Domon, now the property of Egeanin—the woman who helped Nynaeve and Elayne in Tanchico. Through a twist of ta’veren luck, Egeanin knows of three sul’dam who can be coerced into helping them.

Mat frees the captured Aes Sedai, as well as a Sea Folk Windfinder who promises to cause a diversion to cover Mat’s escape, but is interrupted first by Tylin—who lets him go but makes him tie her up, so that she will not be blamed—then by Tuon. Tuon puts up a fight, but raises no alarm, and is subdued. Egeanin, shocked by Mat’s actions, reveals that Tuon is the Daughter of the Nine Moons; a very startled Mat states that Tuon is his wife.

Rand takes Nynaeve, Cadsuane, and company to Shadar Logoth to cleanse saidin. The Forsaken, informed that Rand has the access keys for the huge sa’angreal known at the Choedan Kal, have been waiting for him; they arrive and are fended off by linked Aes Sedai and Asha’man. Osan’gar is killed. Rand cleanses saidin, destroying Shadar Logoth and the female Choedan Kal.

The Wheel of Time

This book is available from the Dragonmount DRM-free ebook store as well as from Amazon.com or your local independent book retailer.

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