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New Spring

A chapter-by-chapter recap of the prequel book of The Wheel of Time.

Chapter Recaps of New Spring

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Chapter recaps by Rajiv Mote. Edited by Angela Carter.

Also available:

New Spring: Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: The Hook

Lord al’Lan Mandragoran marches his troops to a ridge called the Hook for a battle against the Aiel. The Aiel appear in much greater numbers than reported, but instead of fighting, the Aiel stop, and call “Aan’allein,” which means “One Man Alone.” The Aiel then turn away from the confrontation and head back in the direction of the Aiel Waste, from where they had originally come—apparently in retreat.

Chapter 2: A Wish Fulfilled

Moiraine Damodred, Accepted of the White Tower, along with her closest friend Siuan Sanche, stand in attendance on Tamra Ospenya, Amyrlin Seat and ruler of the Aes Sedai, and Gitara Moroso, her Keeper of the Chronicles, as they receive reports about the war against the Aiel. They hear the sound of hundreds of Aiel trumpets, and Gitara is seized by a Foretelling. She cries that the Dragon is born again on the slopes of Dragonmount, and then falls over dead. Tamra orders Moiraine and Siuan to remain silent about the prophecy, even lying to an Aes Sedai if necessary.

Chapter 3: Practice

To keep their minds off the shocking prophecy, Moiraine and Siuan return to their chambers to practice for their upcoming test for the rank of full Aes Sedai. Soon, they and all the Accepted are summoned to the Oval Lecture Hall, where the Amyrlin announces that the Aiel may be retreating, and in thanksgiving for the safety of Tar Valon, the Tower will award one hundred gold crowns to every woman who bore a child during the battle defending the city. She charges the Accepted to collect names of these women. Moiraine realizes this is how the Amyrlin intends to hunt for the Dragon Reborn.

Chapter 4: Leaving the Tower

Moiraine and the Accepted go out into the camps surrounding Tar Valon with their escorts to collect and record names of women who had given birth. Moiraine and Siuan are taken to a camp outside the village of Alindaer.

Chapter 5: The Human Heart

Moiraine and Siuan record the names from commoners and noblewomen alike. Two Aes Sedai, Meilyn Arganya and Elaida a’Roihan, remind them to return to the Tower before dark. Meilyn remarks that when men believe they may die, they long to leave a part of themselves behind, and their women long for that part—accounting for the number of children born during war. Elaida threatens to see to Moiraine’s and Siuan’s practice, demanding absolute perfection. When they return to the Tower, Merean Sedai, Mistress of Novices, summons Moiraine to tell her that her uncles, King Laman Damodred and his two brothers, were killed by the Aiel. But instead of mourning the uncles she did not like, Moiraine and Siuan worry about how the Tower should educate and guide the Dragon Reborn once he is found.

Chapter 6: Surprises

The next day, believing Moiraine to be in shock over the deaths of her uncles, Merean forbids Moiraine from going out to collect names. Instead, she charges Moiraine to copy the lists of names coming in from the other Accepted, and assigns Siuan to keep her company. Siuan reassures her that they will be able to see all the names in their new role, and perhaps be the first to know who the Dragon Reborn is. Jarna Malari, a Sitter for the Gray Ajah, along with other Aes Sedai in turn, visit Moiraine to sound out the possibility of Moiraine succeeding the dead King Laman as queen of Cairhien. Moiraine resolves to flee the White Tower as soon as possible, before the Aes Sedai set their plan in motion.

Chapter 7: The Itch

The Amyrlin sends Moiraine on an errand to deliver an urgent summons to Kerene Nagashi, an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, without explaining why. Siuan confirms she delivered a similar summons to Aisha Raveneos, of the Gray Ajah. Moiraine concludes that the Amyrlin is sending out a secret group of searchers for the Dragon Reborn, she does not trust the Red Ajah, and she plans to hide the Dragon Reborn from the Tower.

Chapter 8: Shreds of Serenity

Moiraine continues her lessons with Aes Sedai, particularly those she suspected were the Amyrlin’s “searchers,” and is frustrated by their apparent inaction in searching for the Dragon Reborn. She hears a rumor that Gitara Moroso had an earlier Foretelling, that the Last Battle will come in the lifetime of Aes Sedai now breathing. Moiraine and Siuan continue practicing for the Aes Sedai test as well, and Elaida visits to increase the intensity of their training to brutal levels. Merean puts a stop to Elaida’s “help,” but the humiliation makes Elaida a lifelong enemy of Moiraine and Siuan. Nine days after the winter’s thaw, Merean summons Moiraine for her Aes Sedai testing.

Chapter 9: It Begins

Moiraine quiets her fear and uncertainty about the test, realizing that Aes Sedai or no, she has what she needs to search for the Dragon Reborn. She enters a ter’angreal in the shape of a great oval ring, and is taken to various environments, where she must perform one hundred weaves with the One Power while enduring obstacles and distractions.

Chapter 10: It Finishes

Moiraine completes the hundredth weave, and passes her test for Aes Sedai. She learns that Siuan has also been summoned and waits until her friend returns, having passed. The two decide to prank Elaida one last time before they are raised to the Aes Sedai shawl together.

Chapter 11: Just Before Dawn

An Aes Sedai from each Ajah take Moiraine and Siuan to the lower levels of the White Tower to complete the ceremony, raising them to full Aes Sedai. They both hold the Oath Rod and swear to speak no word that is not true, to make no weapon for one man to kill another, and to never use the One Power as a weapon except against Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme of defending her life, that of her Warder, or another sister. They both choose the Blue Ajah, which seeks to right wrongs.

Chapter 12: Entering Home

Aes Sedai Moiraine and Siuan receive a warm welcome into the quarters of the Blue Ajah, but they also catch political undercurrents that tell them to step carefully. A strong Aes Sedai named Cetalia Delarme tests Siuan on her pattern recognition skills and then recruits her to process reports from the Blue Ajah’s eyes-and-ears. The Amyrlin tasks Moiraine with distributing the bounty for newborns. Meanwhile, Lan and his troops pursue the Aiel up to Kinslayer’s Dagger, and understand that Pedron Niall, who had the command of the Coalition forces that day, will not pursue. Lan decides he will rest four months before heading back to the Blight, where his personal war lay.

Chapter 13: Business in the City

As full Aes Sedai, Moiraine and Siuan gain access to greater freedom and funds. Moiraine visits her bank, and her banker tells her a Cairhienin man tried to gain access to her finances. Moiraine realizes it is connected to the White Tower’s intention to put her on the throne of Cairhien, fueling her desire to flee Tower influence. She selects Tamore Alkohima as her new seamstress, orders a new wardrobe for both Siuan and herself, and teaches Siuan the etiquette of such transactions.

Chapter 14: Changes

Moiraine and Siuan learn the customs, alliances, and secret weaves of the Aes Sedai and the Blue Ajah, including the Warder bond. Tamra Ospenya’s searchers begin leaving the White Tower, presumably on their quest for the Dragon Reborn, but then Aes Sedai Ryma Galfrey announces the Amyrlin Seat had died in her sleep. Sierin Vayu is raised from the Gray Ajah to become the new Amyrlin, and she begins a harsh, merciless administration with a strong favoring of the Red Ajah. Moiraine successfully petitions to be relieved of her duties around the bounty, but the new Amyrlin orders her to stay in the Tower. Moiraine instead hires a ship and flees Tar Valon.

Chapter 15: Into Canluum

Lan and his kinsman Bukama enter the city of Canluum in Kandor. Lan has little desire to stay; his war against the Blight calls him north, and the guards mistrust the testiness and danger of Malkieri warriors. Lan decides to keep a low profile and leave as soon as they are rested.

Chapter 16: The Deeps

Not finding room at any other inn in Canluum, Lan and Bukama visit the Blue Rose, which is owned by an old flame of Bukama’s, Racelle Arovni. The men meet an old Malkieri friend of Lan’s, Ryne Venamar. Ryne tells Lan the lady Edeyn Arrel, another Malkieri refugee and Lan’s first lover, has raised the banner of the Golden Crane of Malkier in Lan’s name in Chachin. Troubled, Lan heads to the stables to meditate and clear his head. He carries the hope of a nationless people on his shoulders, and does not want that burden. Then, six men try to kill him. Lan reveals his formidable skills by killing them all. Ryne notes that the assailants were supporters of Edeyn. Lan, Bukama, and Ryne ride for Chachin.

Chapter 17: An Arrival

After a month of searching for the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine follows a lead to Kandor, posing as an ordinary noblewoman, Lady Alys. She offers sympathies and questions Jurine Najima, a mother named in her bounty book, whose husband and sons died in a fire. Moiraine arrives at an inn in Canluum called the Gates of Heaven, where five Aes Sedai are staying. Larelle Tarsi and Merean Redhill recognize her, but don’t disabuse the others that she is a wilder. But the legendary Cadsuane Melaidhrin sees through the ruse, questions her, and Moiraine lets slip she is heading for Chachin. Cadsuane declares that she does not intend to lose an Aes Sedai of Moiraine’s potential, and sets Larelle and Merean to watch her until she finds a Warder.

Chapter 18: A Narrow Passage

Shaken from the confrontation with Cadsuane, Moiraine returns to the common room of the Gates of Heaven and sees her friend Siuan Sanche peek in from the street. They meet in a narrow alley, and Siuan tells Moiraine that all of Tamra’s searchers are dead. Further, the Aes Sedai Chesmal Emry lied that Meilyn had died in her bed—her bed had not been slept in, and if it was murder, it had been done with the One Power. Siuan concludes there is a group of Aes Sedai who do not want the Dragon Reborn to be found for the Last Battle, and that could only mean the Black Ajah is real. After Cadsuane checks in on her in the middle of the night, Moiraine gathers her things and gets ready to leave.

Chapter 19: Pond Water

As Moiraine rides to leave Canluum in the early hours, she sees Lan, Bukama, and Ryne—whom she recognized having treated with one of the Aes Sedai from her inn—riding toward Chachin as well. She follows, formulating a plan to learn more about whichever Aes Sedai Ryne had spoken to, suspecting any and all of being Black Ajah. The men pause in the road, Bukama and Ryne hurrying ahead and Lan going into the forest. Moiraine follows Lan’s trail to find him sitting at a pond, with his sword on the ground beside him. She tries to use the Power to take his sword before confronting him, but he surprises her by snatching the sword and hurling her into the pond. Lan makes a fire and hangs blankets so Moiraine can dry herself, and the other men return. Moiraine demands the right of a woman alone to their protection, but unknowingly insults them by giving them coin for it. The men accept the charge and go about their business. Moiraine, her pride hurt by her dunking and by what she sees as Lan’s insolent manner, channels the One Power, soaking Lan with the pond water and revealing herself as Aes Sedai.

Chapter 20: Breakfast in Manala

Lan silently doubts Moiraine is Aes Sedai, noting her childish glee in dunking him in the pond water. Moiraine commands a stop in the village of Manala, where Bel Tine festivals are underway, and they take breakfast at the Plowman’s Blade. Moiraine slips away on her own business. Lan follows, and learns that Moiraine is looking for someone, but she rebuffs his offer to aid in the search.

Chapter 21: Some Tricks of the Power

On the ride to Chachin, Lan stoically endures Moiraine’s questioning as she continues her search for the names in her book. They are ambushed by bandits, and Moiraine announces herself Aes Sedai and uses the One Power to disperse them. An assassin shoots at Lan from the trees, and Moiraine freezes him in air just as Bukama and Ryne put arrows into him. The assassin is Caniedrin, someone Lan knows, and his dying words indicate that an unknown man hired him to kill Moiraine and then Lan.

Chapter 22: Keeping Custom

In Chachin, Lan declares his pledge to “Lady Alys” fulfilled, and goes to the Aesdaishar Palace to confront Lady Edeyn. The palace is primed to greet him as a returning king, and Lan readies himself to fight a battle of custom and obligation with Edeyn. Lan is received by Prince Brys and his young son Diryk in public audience, and then Edeyn kneels before him to pledge fealty to as though he were king of Malkier. When Lan returns to his private rooms, Edeyn is waiting for him with his daori, a cord of his hair that a man weaves for his carneira and represents his obligation to her. Astonishingly, Edeyn announces her intention to marry Lan to her daughter, Iselle.

Chapter 23: The Evening Star

Moiraine seeks out the rougher parts of Chachin to search for Siuan, but she only encounters thieves and villains. Siuan finds Moiraine and takes her to a respectable inn, the Evening Star. Siuan tells Moiraine that one of their names, the Lady Ines and her son Rahien, is in the Aesdaishar Palace. Siuan has been putting together rumors of lucky or suddenly successful men who met with mysterious deaths, and she senses a pattern.

Chapter 24: Making Use of Invisibility

Moiraine and Siuan withdraw money from a bank, hire a seamstress for appropriate clothing, and enter the Aesdaishar Palace as Lady Moiraine Damodred and her maidservant Suki. Siuan discovers the Lady Ines is in seclusion, her husband having died mysteriously. Moiraine resolves to use her status as Aes Sedai to gain access, but she is summoned by Prince Brys.

Chapter 25: An Answer

Moiraine meets with Prince Brys and the Aesdaishar court. From Diryk she learns that Lan is in attendance, and would indeed be the king of Malkier if he wished it. On her way back to her rooms, she comes face-to-face with Merean Redhill, who greets her with suspicion. Merean tells Moiraine that Larelle, despite her hurry to reach Chachin, decided to go her own way south, and Moiraine’s own suspicions make her realize the Black Ajah can lie, despite the Three Oaths. Moiraine demands Lan’s help, citing Malkier’s pledge to ride when the White Tower called, and Lan agrees on the condition that she answer why the White Tower didn’t answer Malkier’s call for help when it was consumed by the Blight. Moiraine reveals the history that the Tower held close, that a hundred Aes Sedai were dispatched, but did not make it in time, and they thought it better that the world believed they had never tried than to know that they tried and failed. Moiraine asks Lan to have Bukama follow and watch Merean. Siuan learns from Bukama that Merean spent all day with Prince Brys, and Moiraine worries about what pieces of the puzzle she is missing.

Chapter 26: When to Surrender

Lan attempts to dodge Edeyn in the Aesdaishar Palace, and ponders whether it was fair to end Bukama’s dream of Malkier’s return by fleeing from Edeyn’s plans. He narrowly escapes an assassination attempt and discovers that Bakuma has been killed. Lan confronts Moiraine, confirming Moiraine’s suspicions that Merean is Black Ajah. She then realizes that Brys and Diryk are in mortal danger, and both run to the elevated walkway where Brys has private conversations. They arrive in time to see Merean and Ryne—also a Darkfriend—holding Brys and Diryk, with a confused Iselle looking on. Merean commands Ryne to kill Lan, and battles Moiraine with the One Power. As they battle, Merean uses the Power to throw Diryk, Brys, and Iselle over the walkway to their deaths. Moiraine stabs Merean in the back with her belt knife, but not in time to save the others. Lan kills Ryne, who underestimated his opponent: Lan will surrender only after he’s dead. Moiraine burns Merean’s body with the Power to preserve the Tower’s secrecy.


Moiraine and Siuan leave the mourning Aesdaishar Palace. Siuan confirms that Lady Ines and Rahien were false leads. Hearing Moiraine’s story, Siuan realizes the Black Ajah knows the Dragon has been Reborn, but they don’t know when—they are murdering men and boys who show luck, who might be able to channel the One Power. They don’t know to search for an infant. Siuan decides to return to the White Tower to continue her job with the Blue Ajah’s eyes-and-ears. Moiraine finds Lan outside the city, having just burned his daori, severing his ties with the old traditions of Malkier. She tells him she wants him to be her Warder; they both fight the same war against the Shadow. Lan agrees, and she spins the weave, bonding them.

The Wheel of Time

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