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  1. 17 minutes ago, LilyElizabeth said:

    I tried watching Firefly yesterday. I didn't have time for even a whole episode, but I found it difficult to watch. I'm not into violence very much, and there was a significant amount in that episode. 


    I don't recall but I do believe there are episodes without so much violence. 

  2. On 12/24/2019 at 12:36 AM, Cairos said:

    I enjoy the current yellows! All lovely and wonderful people! Of course there’s Kaylee who’s awesome and amazing and so is Arie!


    ?❤ Cairos *snuggle*


    2 hours ago, LilyElizabeth said:

    I can't count how many times I have toyed with the idea of switching to Yellow. Green is my DM home, and I belong there, but I love the Yellows here. I should spend more time with you guys. In any other world, I would be Yellow. In fact, I have been Yellow on another site. What this Ajah stands for is dear to my heart. 


    ? and you're dear to our hearts as well Lily! We love having you, come by anytime. ?

  3. On 12/27/2019 at 11:10 PM, Arie said:

    I wish i could have pets, but it's a no-pet rental. ?

    I don't know what happened to december. I feel like I just blinked out of the world entirely just shortly after NaNo ended, fell into that grieving period that comes from the loss of family. I feel better, but boy, I feel like I blinked and it's nearly 2020! ?



  4. 23 hours ago, Lavandula said:

    Dearest yellows thank you all for welcoming me into your ajah, and especially thank you to kaylee? I was very excited to visit cause I really like the yellows focus, it is very important to me. I must say although I find your humor all kind of funny, I know I'm not as cool as world domination myself lol, but I'm very happy and proud to see I got other tings in common with you yellows, or at least one yellow? I'll be back! ? *grouphugs the yellows*




    Ah thanks hun. *huggles* we enjoyed having you. Sorry I wasn't around more. 

  5. 9 hours ago, Lavandula said:

    Do you mean like ben's puzzles or jigsaw puzzles? I like Ben's puzzles but I just LOVE jigsaw puzzles! We have a huge table (95 inches or 115 if extension is on) we often have a puzzle out on the half we don't use for eating lol. I would love a 3d puzzle but I find them all so boring, it's usually big ben, and the Eiffel tower?


    Jigsaw mostly for us too. The kids have a few and currently I'm working on a Thomas Kinkade one, next will be a Thomas Kinkade Disney version. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Lavandula said:

    Awww...I'm obviously sad to hear that you had a hard time fitting in, although it is a relief to hear it too, so I know I'm not alone? thank you for a very honnest and heartfelt introduction of the yellows, sounds caring and cosy, and I totally agree laughter is the best medicine (it might not cure everything but it sure makes things livable, I don't dare think about where I would be without it!)


    Anytime! We're happy to have you here

  7. 13 hours ago, Lavandula said:

    I like solitaire too, and uno, other than that I prefer board games, we got a whole cabinet filled lol. Closes thing we have to wii is a karaoke machine haha, but that wii party seemed fun on YouTube? 


    I like Uno too. ? I also like karaoke! 


    We also like puzzles

  8. 23 hours ago, Maera said:


    Haha, me too - I have gotten geekier each year I have been with him and he introduced me to firefly as I totally missed it!




    19 hours ago, Dar'Jen Ab Owain said:

    Sci-fi movies?


    Pitchblack. Red Planet. The Martian.




    Star Trek, though I'm partial to Deep Space Nine.


    I like Pitchblack!

  9. I joined years ago and was having a hard time fitting in. The Yellows had some friends in it that I connected with. Honestly it was how they reached out that drew me in. They made me laugh, and I found that made me feel better and begin to look at things in a different light. 


    I joined because of laughter and do my best to use that to help others. I really strive to help others and help them heal if I can. 

  10. On 12/13/2019 at 1:41 PM, Lavandula said:

    And they are such little cutiepies❤️


    Hi yellows do any of you got pets?


    Unfortunately I don't. I used to have a dog but he became jealous when I started having kids... so he lives in another house now, i choose to believe. 

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