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  1. 1 hour ago, Lavandula said:

    Yum brownies! We made dough for tortilla chips today but desided we will make'em (with christmas cookie cutters lol) and fry them tomorrow so they'll be fresh. hope for a relaxing weekend too😃


    Sounds yummy as well

  2. 4 hours ago, Taymist said:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm like Arie, I've never really limited it before. Happy to help as needed.



    Thank you for responding. We appreciate the help

  3. 12 minutes ago, Mothiad said:


    Oh man do I love board games. I play all sorts. Especially card games like MTG, but also just whatever nerdy board games are popular. I have a group I meet up with now and again.


    I am also a fan of board and card games. I've been playing Disney's Villainous lately

  4. 28 minutes ago, Lavandula said:

    Well I didn't scare him away yet so that is good😄 So happy to see you again MoN🤗 *ooohs and aaahs at the sparkle* 


    I'm working on being more active... I'm also only a message away if anyone ever needs. *squishy hugs *

  5. 30 minutes ago, LilyElizabeth said:


    I already have, although he seems to have disappeared. I've PMed him once. 


    Thank you for your patience as I get caught up. I appreciate you reaching out. 

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