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I've lurked here a few times, and thought why not register?


I've not been reading WOT for but a year, and needless to say that I'm hooked. I'm working on my second round of reading, and it is interesting to check all the discussions of all the topics and puzzle all of them out. I like doing that.


I may post some, maybe little, who knows. I've two computers, and two teenagers, so guess who looses out on computer time? Meanwhile, hello to everyone, and thoughts and prayers to RJ in his recovery.


Hope to see you, and me, around! :D

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Guest Barmacral

Welcome to DM, once you arrive you can never go back. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.


Oh and, who has two computers, two teenagers, and the power to kick those teenagers off of those computers? Thats right, make em go outside every once in a while or something...



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LOL... good advice, Barmy, I'll second those suggestions!


Welcome aboard, Deftiger :)


The second round? That's the best one I think... so any bits that you overlooked in the first round suddenly jump out at you. It's when you really appreciate how so many plot lines have been planned books ahead..


Good luck with getting those teens to do the work around the house whilst you hog one of those computers :wink:

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Like I just kicked my oldest off just now. :wink:


He's into playing Halo and Star Wars online, and only one of our computers can handle it. Actually, this one (Christmas gift from fiancee), is the only one that can handle anything. My daughter is starting to take our Corgi through agility training, and that is three nights a week. Basically, we don't have bunches of time as it is.


I regress however, and do look forward to exchanging ideas with everyone. Reading some of the discussions here while going through my second reading (just finished FoH this morning)has me looking at things from a different prospective, and changing my mind about who's who and what's up.


I've read every single Dean Koontz book, and was introduced to this genre about two years ago with Terry Brooks and David Eddings. Great stuff, but when my friend Mark gave me EoTW to read, I really got hooked. In fact, my fiancee got me all eleven WOT books in hardback so I could return Mark's books!


I could go on and on, but I'll wait until later. I'm going to chew on some of the things I read here for a bit, plus everyone's being quiet, so it's a perfect time to read!

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Just finished FoH? Hope you make your way across to the big Asmo poll on the book discussions at once and vote for your favourite suspect! (don't post any spoilers here :wink: )


You'll soon notice that weekends on the whole are quieter... all the people with work internet access only, disappear, the students are out partying and it's only us old married folk at home on the comps :lol:


... ok... and the odd teenage addict *points to 12th :wink:* is about, too.

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