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WoT last lines

Sila Darklover

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I couldn't resist snitching this from wotmania: lines that will get you dead or worse if you say them to the right person. Add your own!


"Hello, Alivia! Remember me? I was your first sul'dam!"


"Excuse me, Teslyn Sedai, are you looking for a Warder?"


"Lord Perrin, are you by any chance married to Lady Berelain, there?"


"What a lovely necklace, Marigan! May I try it on?


"Nicola, can I trust you to keep a secret?"


"Hey, you in the black veils, you can't catch me now! I'm on my horse!"


"You know, Rhadam, the Dragon Reborn can't be all bad."


"Halima, I need you to help me here."


"Are you sure you can trust the Dragon Reborn, my Lady Elayne? He is supposed to go insane, after all."


"My Lady Tenobia, have you heard? Mazrim Taim is near here!"


"Tuli, I haven't seen you since Falme!"


"Mat, I'd like to introduce you to the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Have you two met?"


"Pevara, would you like to join the Black Ajah?"


"Look after this black rod for me, please, Liandrin?"


"Of course I trust you, Elza!"


"These Aiel women can't fight! They're only girls!"


"Alviarin, Alviarin, we have proof of the Black Ajah!"


"Halima, Delana is Black Ajah!"


"Have you grown a bit, Sammael?"


"And who cares about your stupid Empress, you dumb Ogier, even if you ARE a Deathwatch Guard!"


"Excuse me, Sulin, I'd like to come in and talk to one of your-why are you putting that veil on?"


"Well, Lews, I'm actually thinking about a truce with Demandred."


"Have you ever considered being a teacher, Mesaana?"


"Oh, hello, Cyndane, my name is Aviendha!"


"Long hair really doesn't suit you, Nynaeve."


"You'll never catch me now, Sevanna! I'm not wearing skirts!"


"Well, Asmodean, personally I always liked Bach better."


"Have you ever thoghut about growing your hair, Tuon?"


"Well if your nails weren't those ugly great talons they wouldn't catch on anything, Suroth."


"You want to talk to me alone, Semirhage? Certainly!"


"Those Whites are really stuck-up - oh, Alviarin!"


"Are you Black Ajah, Cadsuane Sedai?"


"The Wise Ones can be so stubborn sometimes-Sorilea! I didn't notice you!"


But Alviarin is an excellent Keeper! She'll know what to do!"


The following added on 10/14/01.


To any Sister of the Brown Ajah- "I know something you don't know!"


"Oh, Egwene, Siuan, relax! I'm *sure* Elaida knows what she's doing!"


"Hey there, Chiad - wanna dance?"


"Cadsuane! Would you just SHUT UP?!"


"Listen, Suroth - can I call you Surrie?..."


"Morgase, stop whimpering - *I* think Eamon Valda was kind of sexy..."


"Amys, that was one kinky dream you had last night."


"Alright, and now i channel into the angreal."


"Enough of this nonsense. I bet only 2 out of those 20 Asha'man can channel."


"I see! So you are Demandred."


"Look! He just has a tinker for a bodyguard. Charge!!"


The following added on 11/03/01.


"Hey Mat, those pants are kind of tight."


"You look good in a skirt, Aviendha." (Or Min, for that matter.--Arok)


Robert Jordan to mob of fans- ” Well, I think maybe another 23 books, but I’m going on a 3 year cruise so you will all have to wait a bit.”


Lan to Nyneave- You know Nynaeve, I've been thinking, I really miss Myrelle...


The following added on 12/09/01.


“Hey, Lanfear, nice rack.” (And I bet it is, too!--Arok)


To Galad- “Hey there pretty boy, I bet you don't even know that that's a sword you got there, Oh you want to try me, come on, I'm ready!”


To Mat- Oh, you mean this silver fox head...


"Hey Sammael, who gave you that ugly scar?"


"Moghedien, have you met my nice friend Nynaeve?"


"Birgitte, you could not hit a barn if you were standing inside it with your silver bow."


"Cyndane, what is a mindtrap really?"


"Why can't you swim, Aviendha? Are you chicken?"


"Oh, Nynaeve, I heard you made a fool of your self in front of Moghedien. Too bad."


"I'm sorry Rand, I broke some seals I found in your chest. Are you angry with me?"


Mike to Wotmaniacs- "I'm thinking about closing the chat and the message board."


"Faile, your real name suits you better."


The following added on 1/5/02.


"Wow, that sure is a pretty dagger, Mr. Fain! I'll give you ten silver marks for it; no more, no less."


“Dragon Shmagon, Masema"


The following added on 2/2/02.


To Tuon "What's up, baldie?"


The following added on 2/23/02.


“Aran'gar! I didn't know you were a transexual!”


“Cyndane, I thought you were more powerful than that...”


“What'd you do Sammael? Cut yourself shaving?”


“Alanna, I thought you went both ways? That's what Rand told me...”


“Myrelle, Nynaeve told me to give you this*slaps her*, and call you a Darkfriend.”


(Stand in the Pit of Doom shouting) “SHAI'TAN IS GAY!!!!”


Mieren: “Come on Beidomon, what's the worst that could happen?”


Aginor: “Oh, I'm sure I can draw a little bit more of the Power!”


Balthamel: “Ooh, the Jolly Green Giant's mad!”


Logain: “Look, Taim, I think it's time we had a frank discussion about your management capabilities.”


The following added on 3/2/02.


(To Aginor) "So what is that, two or three times that you've died now?"


(Put hands over Shaidar Haran's face) "Guess who!"


"So, Alanna, when Rand does it, what does it feel like for you?"


"Man that scarf looks gay on him-- oh hi Mat!"


"No Semirhage, I don't think that hurts."


"Happy birthday, Elaida! I hired a Chippendales!"


(To Bayle Domon) "Hey we're singing the Tairen national anthem! Wanna sing bass?"


"Hey Loial, I'm thinkin' of leveling this forest to make room for a garbage heap, wanna help?"


"Hey Nynaeve, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"


(To Bayle Domon) "Hey, are you in ZZ Top?"


"Hey Masema, did you see that loser with those stupid gold tattoos?"


"Demandred! Balefire! Ha ha, just kidding!"


(To Shaidar Haran) "Hey Stevie Wonder!"


(Loudly Under the Dome of Light) "Oh hey, I've been wearing my secret Darkfriend pin ever since that meeting in Shayol Ghul! You guys gotta tell me these things!"


"Hey Uno, keep an eye out for me."


(To Graendal) "You know Lanfear's hotter."


(To Thom) "Hey Gimpy!"


The following added on 4/23/02.


"What do you mean, I can't date an Aes Sedai, Byar?"


"Good thing no one knows you can channel, Asunawa."


"Keep away Mat's medallion!"


"Faile, I want a divorce."


"I beg your pardon, Empress, but you missed a spot."


"It's getting dark, Aludra. Do you have a candle?"


"ji'e'toh is for wussies."


"Aviendha and Rand, sittin' in a tree..."


"Sulin, I just LOVE the dress."


"How's the weather down there, Bashere?"


"I'll clean your cookpot for you, Narg."


To any Brown Ajah: "All I found in that dusty room was a stupid bowl, a haunted horn, some statue of a guy holding a crystal ball and an old book titled, "My Autobiography," by Corianin Nedeal, so I just tossed them out with the trash."


"I didn't think Tinkers carried swords."


"You know, Gawyn, Egwene just likes Galad more."


To Lini: " 'The old mare annoys the young filly.' "


"This tea...sure...tastes...funnnnnny." *THUD!*


"You were always prettier anyway, Vandene."


"My, what a wonderful pinky ring, Graendal! May I see it?"


To Taim: "You wouldn't happen to be Demandred, would you?"


To Asmodean: "Busted!"


Laman: "Think of the throne I could make with this tree!"


"Man, you could really use some more head room in here, Shai'tan."


Thanks for all of those, Braidtugger.

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Guest Barmacral
Robert Jordan to mob of fans- ” Well, I think maybe another 23 books, but I’m going on a 3 year cruise so you will all have to wait a bit.”


Probably the most dangerous of all the sayings on the entire list.

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(To a Dragkhar) "Kiss me, beautiful."


(To Tallanvor) "I killed Morgase."


(To Daved Hanlon) "You got me pregnant!"


Ilyena: "Hey Mierin, Lews did the sweetest thing for me yesterday.


Alviarin to Shaidar Haran: "Of course I want to see you and Mesaana get it on, silly!"


"My Lord Perrin, I've made sure those wolves that were following us will stay far away."


"Say, has that hooded man in the corner been here the whole time I was dancing the sa'sara? He's creeping me out"


"I think I've suddenly become allergic to dogs--that big black one licked me and now I'm all itchy..."

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to gholam: You are sitting on my foxhead medallion!


to Birgitta: I killed gaidal


Narg: Oh my leg hurts, narg can you tak a look?


any Seanchan: The Empress is a SOB!


to mat: The foxhead medallion suddenly went cold so i gave it to an aes sedai to study.


to Rand: Stick out your left hand please


Nynaeve: Alivia is helping Rand in the other room


Cadsuane: Are those things in your hair Christmas decorations?

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