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  1. Guess ill get in on this too male,20 years old. Ive been reading this series since 14 and i honestly cant count i how many times reread the series(and yes all of them,even CoT). Ive gotten a confirmed number of 8 other people i know addicted and several who are still reading :). Maybe they just do it so they finally know what the hell im babbling to them when i talk about WOT. I must say that even book 10 didnt really disappoint me the first time i read it, but i did found it less entertaining. And knife of dreams wasnt released when i finished. So my timing WAS kinda bad for ending t
  2. thats what i call an emphatic post its the complete lack of any comprehensible language which worries me
  3. dont forget, the entire force of lan is Heavy cavalry. From what i understood, borderlander heavy cavalry (especially shienaren) is the best in the world, armored tanks. Just to get a picture, its twice the force of the Rohirrim charge in LOTR, and its better equipped and trained cavalry. Of course trollocs are also much bigger, but 12.000 heavy cavalry is NOT a force to be taken lightly.
  4. regarding egwene and gawyn, yes she had some horrible opinions, and was pretty much unreasonable and arrogant much of the time, but one must also see her side. She is an 18 year old amyrlin who is constantly being watched for signs of weakness, and for her it must be difficult, she loves gawyn, but he questions her authority every time. Also in the last two books she couldnt allow herself to seek support,or even look like she needed it. Might it be that she's afraid that when she turns to him, the aes sedai might take that as a weakness or a sign of breaking down(although thats a long shot aft
  5. thats hard, as there is ALOT of those in WOT... ill try to name a few ones 1. the scene when they were fighting the blight off, and mat shouts in the old tongue about not fearing death. That really gave mee goosebumps. 2. when they charge the trollocs in TEOTW. When lan goes in front of them shouting FOR THE SEVEN TOWERS. 3. Rand's bonding 4. the entire Mat/tuon run well i could go on and on, and these are not necesarily the best ive seen, but many i like already were named.
  6. And I'm like the Shai'tan. And of course you can contradict Luckers. It's a risk, but it's survivable. barely ;D
  7. no its for certain... you cant contradict luckers, hes like the nae'blis of this forum :P
  8. it is read by kate reading and micheal kramer(sp?) they do it very well and i have listend all the books several times :D
  9. agreed. agreed and again agreed. stupidity of some characters is so annoying you just skip ahead sometimes. Furthermore:P Nynaeve and mat rule :D even though nynaeve hates mat's guts for some unknown reason hahaha.
  10. hi. i found this amusing, though i saw a couple of mistakes im only 1/30 or something trough the blog, but still the first one is where she says its the only age of legends firsthand reports, has she forgotten the experience rand had with the Rhudean(sp) ter'angreal second was about the trolloc tribes, she says RJ gave that up almost immediatly, yet i clearly recall Rand citing all the trolloc tribes to himself in KOD when the trollocs attack the manor house.
  11. ive read this trough and i couldnt believe my eyes! i dont think anyone mentioned this one: moirane and the band are chased by trollocs before shadow logoth. They face the trollocs, and as they charge the fist of trolloc, mat shouts Carai an caldazar carai an ellisande, al ellisande. Ans after they get away, moirane cites it to an unbelieving mat, who thinks it was gibberish:P
  12. these days when im in a fight the other person always raises his voice because im like stonefaced :P. So im not an Aes sedai im more like Lan.
  13. stupid me ;D repeating an answer :P
  14. i thought when rand recieved alviarins letter, he asked moirane if an aes sedai was bound to the oaths when writing. Moirane says that they are.
  15. i must say i have to 100% disagree with you, hawking led his armies in battle, easar of shienar does. So did Aemon, he died on the field. So did numerous other kings. In those times it was normal for a leader to fight alongside the troops. In another memory that manetheren is at war with a nation i cannot recall. There is specific mention of the king leading his men in battle.
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