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Guest Emperor

All the welcomes I stole from the other thread, I use here.


So you already have like 5 welcomes.


Suck it other newbie and welcome to DM!

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Guest Barmacral

Ignore Empy, he's cruel.


Welcome, I'd give you a whole speech, but I'm lazy and hungry, so what can I say but Welcome!

... nothing comes to mind.







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Welcome Semira...as you can see we let the 'special cases' ut once in a while.


Do you have any interests so we can help point you in the right direction.


Theres the Iluminators for all things creative, artistic and fun!!!


Or the White Tower for a lovely bunch of people


Then there is the Seanchan for all kinds of entertainment


Can you guess which ones I belong to :wink:

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Hello Semira :D


Books *sigh*...you and me both... though I have to say, Dragonmount has cut into my reading time quite considerably... *g*


Check out the Book Discussion Boards... I was amazed when I first joined, about some of the theories. There is also a big Asmo poll... hope you'll vote :)


Have fun!!

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So, come on, someone admit it. Who let Empy out? We know how he scares newbies away, yet someone let him out. Shame on you!


Anyway, my moan aside, welcome to DM!


Feel free to drop by the Band of the Red Hand if you love music and travel! There are interesting changes on the way soon, to make us even better than before!

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