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Rand & Galad brothers ?? say it aint so


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One question keeps coming up for me.

Would Galad put forth a claim for the throne of Carhein? He was raised Andoran & dooes not think of himself as Carheinen. No matter that he is decendant of a Carheinen ruling house.He also lacks the ambition it would take to put forth a claim.

If he were convinced that it was his duty to take the throne he might go for it. but other than that I belive he would merely go to Andor to help his little sister secure her throne/thrones.

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All the Cairhienen houses will fall in line with Andor's succession laws?


Why would they have to? Elayne could rule both and have her daughter succeed to Lion Throne, and her son succeed to the Sun Throne. History shows plenty of examples of knigdoms being split between a strong ruler's children.


Also what claim does Elayne have on the Cairhienen throne?


Elayne has exactly as much of Taringail Damodred's blood as Galad does, and she has a much bigger army. As Cicero famously said, "Laws are silent in time of war."


Besides, what Cairheinin house has a strong leader left? Caraline Damodred is the closest thing they have, and she's going to marry the King of Tear. Caraline is alot more likely to become Queen than Galad is to become King, and Elayne is more likely than either of them.


Besides ... all this is assuming that the world will survive in a recognizable form. Considering that the last two crises (the Trolloc Wars and the War of the Hundred Years) completely changed the map, its probably premature to assume that Cairhien and Andor will even survive as nations.

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