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  1. I like when mat comes out of rhuidean and the wise ones tell him he can't leave with the staff.He then tells the revered wise one something like" I paid for that staff old woman" i think its the only time in the book where the wise ones are treated with total lack of respect..Mats the greatest
  2. if i ever have a son i'll name him mazrim maseema narishma al cathon
  3. i've read the last book like 2 weeks after it came out but while i was reading and i'd out or to a party and i saw a pretty yet not very bright girl i'd think "I wonder what mat would do".answer we all know
  4. Perrin is alright considering that he can't live without faile what a fool wish i could slap some sense in him .I love to hate mazrim taim in all his smug arrogance.elayne use to be alright but this whole battle for the throne & describing everyday of pregnancy is just dragging the book a little to much so she's lame.Maseema why is this guy still alive
  5. it was a crude joke. diving is'nt very sporting but most football players and fans take it as second nature its unfair to call the greatest and most popular sport in the world a joke just because of something that might happen once or twice in a game.
  6. no need to apologize loki.lol we all get carriesd away..makes me think can you get carried towards?? i'll ponder on that
  7. i'll agree with the latter but soccer players are'nt jokes unless you consider someone getting headbutted funny...i guess you have a point besides swimmers dive i don't see anyone complaining about that
  8. LOL yeah i'm a huge football fan. i don't think any other footballer would have been appauled for a stunt like that.in another related article...Barcelona is the greatest team to ever grace a football field...taken from an offical poll by barcelona fans to other barcelona fans!
  9. I always thought there was something wrong with a man being called sexy. i'll take alright looking ..yeah that sounds more like it
  10. Here goes nothing http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w84/md-coolio/pic1.jpg
  11. Taim is more cunning,probably stronger & has half of the Tower with him it will be interesting to see how RJ gets logain to kill him,as most people think will be the outcome
  12. I was Dicusing this in a previous thread and the answers varied.With the forsaken,seachan,fain and god knows whatelse still on the loose.Will Rand have time to deal with mazrim Taim.if not how do you think he'll die.(thats assuming he does die,i'd really hate it if he does'nt)
  13. That might be min's vision about him. although i always thought that tame was stronger than him,certainly more cunning maybe ole logain has a few tricks up his sleeve
  14. Now that u mention it don't mind if i do..takes the extended arm..thinks to himself..this is nice but wonder why that red is watching me.. wait a trap
  15. i Think the question is who gets to wipe that o so smug look from his face i think rand will have his hands full in the last book. maybe logain or narishma if he gets strong enough
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