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What happened with the graphic novel?

El Jefe

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The graphic novels got to book 5. The series was supposed to be 8 books long. There was a subscription of $20 for the 8 book series. Things fell apart with Dabel Brothers, who were drawing the book, and Red Eagle, who supposedly have the rights.


Red Eagle mentioned plans for going on with the series but as yet nothing has come of it. As thier website stands now all they have is a contact email that they do not respond to (it used to have a lot of info on the book and a possible movie, yeah right...).


Basically if you spent the $20 in the hopes of a graphical depiction of this world we all enjoy you got rooked. It is extremely frustrating and totally unacceptable. :evil:


edit: by the way the graphic novel, for those of you who don't know, was New Spring, not the main series.

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Eek! I just went on eBay 'cause I was going to mention to anyone who might want to try and pick up the books that were printed that they might find them there.


Don't bother.


The "complete set of 5" (they're calling it) goes for $70 and the individual books go for around $14 to $18 (plus shipping).


I thought I was getting rooked paying $20 for what I got!


It still burns me up, though, that I paid for 8 books and didn't receive my due. Totally unacceptable. :evil:


It is unfortunate, too, that Red Eagle supposedly has rights to TV and Movie productions of WoT. If the logistics of making a movie in terms of characters, scale, and scope are too daunting to make a movie practical, imagine what the chances are with a company who can't even deliver a puny comic book run with only 8 installments. :evil:


Unbelievable. :roll:

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