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  1. That is good news. For me, I only care about getting the rest of the comics I paid for initially. Getting promised 8 comics by Red Eagle and getting 5 was unacceptable. Dabel Bros. came through big time. Red Eagle has no credibility as far as I am concerned. I get the impression they are playing at being uber-media tycoons without the wherewithall to pull it off...
  2. FINALLY! I don't know how many of you subscribed, oh... ages ago?, to the New Spring graphic novel that was being published by Red Eagle entertainment and Dabel Brothers. Well... Red Eagle dropped the ball big time and the 8 issue series was kaboshed after 5 issues... DABEL BROTHERS TO THE RESCUE!! They are finishing the series!! I just received issue 6 yesterday. Excellent. Dabel Brothers you are terrific.
  3. Actually, "friend" Sanderson is working on the rewrite. If you look a bit harder you will notice the bar entitled "Rewrite of AMoL's First Quarter." You should note that the prologue falls within the first quarter of a book. In the future when you have a smart, snotty comment to make I suggest you have a better grip on the facts. Better yet, keep it to yourself because it certainly is not welcome here.
  4. Sanderson and TOR should release the prologue.... Jordan did as much when he was writing the series and by his own admission Sanderson is 46% done with the rewrite of AMOL.... I want the Prologue! :-\
  5. Thank you Rand... This has been my contention since the beginning.,, I hope they make the films...
  6. It's been a while, years, since I even looked at a WoT book, but isn't Nynaeve travelling to the Boarderlanders telling them to meet Lan, who is riding to take on the Shadow by himself? If that is the case, I would think that it is possible that the last stop on Nynaeve's trip would be to meet up with Lan somewhere, along with the convenient arrival of a ton of heavily armed Borderlanders.
  7. I was watching TV and came across a movie made in 1955 about Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh. It is called The Virgin Queen with Bette Davis. The costume styles and interior decor scream Wheel of Time. There is even a scene where the captain of the Queen's guards (Walter) is assembling and reviewing his troops and ladies of the court are in a balcony crooning over the soldiers below. It is reminiscent of the Warders and Aes Sedai in the White Tower. For anyone who wants a glimpse at the world of the Wheel of Time this is it.
  8. Comments such as this evidence a true lack of education. One's level of education should be immediately obvious without having to notify others of that fact. Doing so merely undermines your credibility and makes you look like a buffoon. Also, you may wish to review sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization before you write anything in the future.
  9. We can only hope. Red Eagle attempted to produce an 8 issue graphic novel of New Spring. They got as far as book 5 before it all fell apart. They are totally unprofessional and incompetent. I am happy RJ was displeased with their unacceptable performance. I certainly am. Hopefully the rights will go to someone who will do the series justice. I am of the opinion that a good job could be done if the books were to be translated into movie form. I'm not a huge fan of the comparison, however, visually and story-wise they did a pretty good job with the LoTR (albeit those books were about half the length), and a lot of the descriptive language RJ uses can be effectively translated into film in much less "space" and time than in a novel. The idea is that ANY more contact with RJ's world of the WoT would be most welcome. The graphic novel format would also be acceptable. I never was a "comic book" fan, but the artists who produce graphic novels now-a-days are highly talented and sophisticated. Before it fell apart, the New Spring series produced a nice visual link to RJ's world of tWoT.
  10. The object of war is to kill your enemy. There is no "sanitized" or "political" way of fighting a war. Stalin, brutal as he was, summed the concept up very nicely: “Death solves all problems - no man, no problem.” Of course, that goes for reality, and even now people try to fight a political war, not unleashing every means at their disposal to achieve victory. Fiction requires a certain idiocy in terms of the "bad guys'" decisions. Like when the main villian leaves right before the hero gets chopped by a laser or something, giving the hero the needed 3 seconds to escape, or when they shoot Batman in the chest, where he has tons of body armor, instead of in the face, etc. etc. If the villians did what they should, the "good guys" would get whiped out every time.
  11. Ya, you're right. I have my chronology off.
  12. Ok, TSR, wasn't that still before he was healed?
  13. I don’t have the books with me…In TDR the weddings I was thinking of are caused by Rand. In any event, Mat's luck surpasses that of the other two ta'veren. I still think it has to do with the dagger. No need to get snotty' date=' and any evidence would be circumstantial, espically since I can't look anything up at this point. Good Point.
  14. I think that business about fire and blood means that there will be an eventual fight between the two factions, but I don't think that that will be the end of the Black Tower per-se. Also, the White tower has rent, with the "rebels" seeming to do well enough for themselves without the "White Tower." I think that after TG things will go back to a sembelance of what they were in the AOL. Both the male and female Aes Sedai will be back to working together. Espically since they can now that the taint is cleansed.
  15. It still happened to Rand. You don't see Mat getting worked over because of his women...
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