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  1. Yes, you've put your finger on something I've been trying to express actually. I come away from a lot of those touchy-feely scenes feeling a bit cheated, because I don't feel like BS earned the touchy-feeliness. He just describes it, bang boom next scene. RJ definitely had a way of painting negative spaces. Definitely a heck of a point, I couldn't have said it better. I simply read the gushy parts and think "Well, they were bound to happen, but I don't really care much"...but thinking about it, there were lots of scenes where RJ got me wound up one way or the other. And even if they were e
  2. This is what I don't understand. Can someone explain to me (I've been studying for a test since I read ToM, so I may have forgotten something) why Verin didn't just tell Mat that the letter was important, and had to be given to Elayne? Or Egwene? Or Perrin? Or Rand? Or Anyone who would have felt compelled to help. I don't understand at all. Verin is sitting on ridiculously important info, and thinks, "Hmm, I'll just give this to a person not at all motivated to help me, with no instructions that the information is important at all." One sentence different, while still not breaking her oaths, c
  3. What time? We're one book away from the end of the series, and we're wasting time watching Elayne (Or Egwene V2) go on and on about things we know will occur, and could do so in a much more timely fashion. Off-page, even. Probably. Mainly because the females are generally less interesting to read. Call it what you will, the story started out about 3 guys, one as the central focus, and all have important roles that can't be resolved off-page. If the series was started with Elayne as star, maybe it would be different. Perrin's POV's have taken their share of flak for the whole "FAAAAAIIIL
  4. That seems a little unlikely. They're going to re-write existing novels, attempting to mimic Jordan's style? Uuuh, what?
  5. Really wanted Elayne to bite the dust in this one. That sounds worse when I remember she still hasn't given birth, but I reaaaallly wanted her dead. To name only a few reasons: her POV chapters are largely unnecessary and drag on. Her character is a near clone of Egwene's at this point. We can only put up with so much pining after/attempted manipulation of Rand, and all the other female characters are more compelling to read than Elayne. Lastly,somebody major needs to die! Come on!
  6. I dig what you're saying. I think some people are trying very hard to make it seem as if reading Sanderson isn't so different from reading Jordan (and that isn't an insult, simply a comment on how adaptable people are). The styles and methods of the two are ridiculously different, and it shows...and to say I wasn't a little disappointed while reading ToM would be to lie. Characters unburden themselves with regularity, comedy/anger/tension is acted out with much less subtlety, deus ex machina is evident in some cases. I lost count of how many characters professed love for another. It's a jarrin
  7. I think it more likely Jordan couldn't have a braid appear on a page untugged. That just wouldn't be wottish. Simply uncivilized.
  8. For some reason this part of the series coming to a close doesn't bother me in the slightest. I want to enjoy the ending, obviously, but I don't think my satisfaction really rides on it anymore...I feel like I'm demeaning Sanderson's dedication when I say this, but when I found out Jordan died it was kind of like my expectations ended. I don't mean that Sanderson won't deliver a fantastic read or that I'll be let down automatically...I simply don't view post-Knife of Dreams WoT as the same series. A little weird, but in my mind I don't put any pressure on Sanderson's ending. The Wheel of Time
  9. Sure, this happens with anyone who gets invested in their interests, especially novels. When you like something enough that after you're done watching/reading/doing that thing you are still thinking about it and gleefully looking forward to watching/reading/doing that thing again...the nostalgia afterwards is always the best and the worst, for me. I'm always baffled by the people (and I've many friends who are this way) who don't have any interests/hobbies in life that they invest themselves into. To me, thinking back to how I was when I last read did a series re-read, or what I was doin
  10. I still wonder if Min's viewing of Rand -- was it with a beggars staff or with a cloth around his eyes? -- was methaphorical or literal.
  11. He/she is not mistaken (though I'm far too lazy to find a book much less a page reference). It's been next to assumed for a while that the Seanchan bit about "kneeling to the crystal throne" is all bunk.
  12. 1. I think too much importance is being put on the sword being significant at all. I'm not saying "Why the thread?", it interests me as well...I just think it could very well be something ridiculously insignificant and a normal -- if mildly interesting to Rand -- sword. That he doesn't feel comfortable telling Min how he recognized it doesn't mean it is sinister or important in any way...Rand is uncomfortable being associated with many things. 2. I don't understand the "one-handed" stuff: are not allthe 'slightly-curved-one-edged-yada-yada' blades used properly with two hands, as Rand/Lan
  13. Cover art aside (and I dig the Sweet stuff for the most part...not including the shifting look of the main players), the title is horribly cliche. Seriously, "The Gathering Storm"? That's not even a remotely original chapter title, much less an entire novel. It's just too generic. Not a big deal, but still...come on, let Sanderson pick something, I'm sure he could do better.
  14. I'll echo the yearly re-read bit. If AMoL part one is indeed coming out in november, I'll start a new re-read in September to be ready for it's release. I like to give my re-reads time, so I don't blow through a book every few days.
  15. First EVER re-read of the series? I wish I could go back to those times, and no mistake. I came to the series relatively late (compared to readers here, I imagine), about a year before Crossroads of Twilight was released (2002?), and I must have read the series completely over 8 or 9 times now. I'd have to re-read when the new books came out, and then again a year later when the memory of early books began to fade...and every time I wish I could forget the entire thing and read it again.
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