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Attempt at a Self-Introduction

Quine S.

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I am a philosophy and music nerd student (hence probably suitable for the White Ajah), not so much a Wheel of Time fan but I'm here all the same. I finished reading the series in 2013, and the beauty of the series washed over me for months after that - I could not read anything else. It's taken some procrastination to come here, but what has driven me is a lack of readers of Wheel of Time in my area, where there's no one to talk about with.


I'd like to say I have a favourite character and a favourite scene, but I don't. I really don't. Maybe Rodel Ituralde and the Battle of Maradon (Towers of Midnight), but I change my views quickly.


As a spare-time writer of fiction I have on occasion attempted to write some Wheel of Time fanfiction but most of it has failed - in general they were just post-AMOL speculation, and frankly speaking inadequately done.


If you want to know more non-WOT-related facts about me and my spare-time hobbies, feel free to read the long and pretentious-sounding essay on my profile page. I'm afraid the pretence is a mark of my non-fiction writing, but it comes of reading way too much Friedrich Nietzsche in translation by Walter Kaufmann. He comes off as an arrogant arse.



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Hello and welcome to DM, Quine :)


You're more than welcome to head on down to the White Tower & Warders Social Group - I'm sure the White Ajah would love to have you join their ranks, should that be your eventual choice!


You might also be interested in the role playing sections, or the Tuatha'an (that's the writers and artists guild, amongst other things).


If you have any questions, or get lost, just shout out here and someone will come help you out :wink:


Oh yes and you can join more than one section or group here - for instance, you can be a member of the White Tower AND the Black Tower. Schizophrenia is optional.

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Welcome Quine to DM! I'm Cairos. I'm a member of the White Tower, the Black Tower, the Band of the Red Hand and Shayol Ghul social groups.


To answer your question, you can be as active as you want. You can just sign in the roll calls like some of the people on DM do. Some members are active in the social groups. It depends on you.


Again welcome to DM and if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

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all Social Groups are different :biggrin:


For some, you have to post each month in a roll call thread. But, most of the time, missing one or two roll calls won't matter. For the Tuathan'an, to be considered as lost, you would have to miss 6 roll calls in row.

Now, in some groups, you have to be very active to earn points and advancement, but that is not the case everywhere.


The better would be to have a look in the groups themselves to have more information. :happy:

But, be reassured, i was away for a couple of months at the beginning of the year, and didn't get killed lol

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