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Approved Band Bio: Silene Belain - Wolfie CC'd


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DM Handle: Bela_theDO

Character’s Name: Silene Belain

Place of Birth/Origins: Tear

Age: 19

Height: 5’2

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Very long, dark brown

Eyes: Big and blue

Skin: Very fair

Build: Slim, yet very athletic

Distinguished Features: She has a big scar shaped as a slash, starting from the left corner of her left

eye, covering most of her left cheek.

Division of Choice: Scout

Primary Weapon: Knives

Secondary Weapon: Her legs, she is rather good at kicking and running.

Skills: Stealing, hiding, fast eyes, hands and legs. She uses her physical features to her advantage, she

usually passes by unnoticed.

Physical Weakness: She is really weak, even for a woman. She has little knowledge of using knives

properly, she just uses them to stab people and run.

Knowledge Weaknesses: She barely knows how to read, and only knows some math through using

money. She does not know anything else, and even lacks the basic skills that everyone should know,

such as cooking.

Description: She had always have such small features, her hands and feet, her whole body, so it is

hard to notice her in a crowd. Although she has beautiful eyes, hair and a little nose, she is never

found pretty, or even cute by others. She prefers to wear black, plain, Tairen-style cut dresses, a plain

flat topped hat, and wooden clogs. She always carries two knives, both of them are in her sleeves.

Character: She is very skilled in stealing and hiding, a result of having no parents and living in the

deadly streets of Maule. She is very courageous and very careless, often finding herself in troubles,

but she survived to the date thanks to her running and hiding skills. She is not really smart or

trustable, because she has a habit of lying often, even at times she does not have to. She is usually

happy and cheerful, a contrast to her tragic life. She has never noted angry or sad by others.

History: Silene never had any real family. She never knew anything different than filthy, muddy

Maule streets, horse poop smell, dead fish smell, beggars, some nobleman’s horse riders’ whips, pain

and hunger. She never remembered a father, or a mother, or any possible siblings. Streets were her

home, has always been. Her first memory was with Craine, her one and only friend. He was thirty

years old, an ugly thin brunette Taraboner, with the surname Belain. He was homeless, and poor, and

with no family or friends, a bankrupted merchant. He found Silene in a backstreet, in trash, crying. At

least that was what Craine told her, and she always believed him. Craine took her, fed her, looked

after her, and named her after his one and only love, Silene, who was his childhood friend, was about

to marry him, but left him when he lost all his money and belongings to gambling. He was half-
brother, half-friend for Silene, but never was like a father. He taught her reading, gambling and

stealing when Silene turned five, though she had never grown an interest in first two. They lived in

the streets together, made a little home for themselves in a narrow backstreet with used cartoon

boxes and some bad quality wool that they found in a trash bag for nine years together. They were

partners-in crime soon enough, with Silene’s extreme stealing skills, and Craine’s mind. Craine knew

Silene was not as quick-witted as him, and never become a con-artist like him, and that she had zero

chance to marry with a guy who has a decent income because of her looks, but he never cared, and

loved her unconditionally. Sometimes, when Silene became too careless and too courageous about

her stealing, he scolded her, yelled at her, but never raised a hand, which was something Silene

would always be grateful. Once, she tried to steal a noblewoman’s pearl necklace in daylight in front

of everyone’s eyes. She tore off the necklace from the noblewoman’s neck, and ran away as fast as

she could, but her tiny legs could not carry her as far as a grown-up, big yet athletic guardsman, one

of noblewoman’s. He caught her, accidentally cut her left cheek with some keys that was attached to

his belt, leaving a terrible scar, and beat her terribly. The crowd in the street were suddenly gone,

and no one ever dared to stop the guardsman. Craine was shoplifting at that moment, pretending to

buy some lettuce from a grocery merchant, and did not realize Silene was gone, until he heard a

terrible scream. He forgot everything and ran as fast as he could, never as fast in his life, tossed

Silene aside, and stood in front of the guardsman. He shouted “RUN SILENE! GO! NOW!” in a

trembling voice that Silene never heard from him before. Silene ran as fast as she could, never

turned her head back. Somehow she knew that was the last time that she saw Craine, and cried while

running back to her home. She was right.

And at nine years old, Silene was left all alone in this world.

That guardsman never had an inch of punishment for his murder, Silene would find out soon

in an inn, eavesdropping to some fishermen. The noblewoman told the court that his guardsman was

only defending himself. Later on, Silene would think noblewoman might bribed the court anyway,

she looked rich. That was how the world. Poor died on the streets every day, anyway, did murder of

one of them make a difference? Despite these bitter thoughts, she never held a grudge against

anyone, never tried to get revenge. She would always blame herself for that incident.

For ten years, she continued to live in Maule streets, stealing as usual. She often got in

trouble with other thieves in the city at first, but never got a beating again, since she ran really fast.

Other thieves soon liked her and respected her because of her stealing and hiding skills at such a

young age, and let her join to their “crew”, but she never considered them as her friends, despite

living together with them in an old abandoned house. She was the only girl in that group of thieves,

though no one ever abused her, or attacked her. Instead, they protected her, as she occasionally got

too careless and needed to be saved. This went on like this, but as Silene got older, she started

thinking about her life, her future more. “I do not want to be a bloody thief for the rest of my life”

she once said, when she was playing a card game with one of her fellow thieves, Thien. “I want to be

something more than that.” “What?” Thien laughed. “Like a noble or something? Or a bloody Aes

Sedai in a shawl? I cannot even begin to imagine you like that.” He laugh harder, and Silene

immediately joined him. “No,” she said, after their laughter finished, “like a soldier, or a

guardswoman for a merchant. I would definitely live a bloody better life then living in a smelly fish

head of a house.” Thien got serious. After a long silent moment, looking at the cards rested in his

hands, did not make the next move. He suddenly looked up Silene’s face and said “We both know we

would not endure a bloody merchant more than a day or two. I have been thinking about this lately. I

want to save up some money and join the bloody Red Hand. What do you think? Don’t stare me with

that bloody gaze. I know you must have thought the same.” Thien was right. Silene was thinking of

joining to the Band lately, as she heard a lot of the Band from the streets and inns she usually went.

She thought Band was more of an adventurous army than any other, and she liked the Jak o’the

Shadows song, even though she didn’t know why. The conversation between them finished, Silene

did not say a word, and they continued on playing the game. But the seeds of thoughts of joining the

Band planted in her mind.

After a year, she saved enough money and food to travel to Andor. “Well, if you have to gut a

fish, no need to wait until it rots.” Silene thought. Thien had lost his right leg as he got unlucky while

tried to steal some meat from a butcher, the butcher caught him and cut his leg off, so he could not

accompany her, though he didn’t hold grudges against her. She said goodbye to her fellow thieves.

She never thought of them as her mates for these ten years, but it was still sad to leave, and a bit

scary since she never even had a trip out of Maule, but she hid these feelings behind her usual big

grin. She caught a ship in the docks, leaving the very city she was born, lived, and lost her only friend,

Craine, trying to stop the tears from her eyes.

And so, her journey began...

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