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An Alliance Beeing Born [A Chosen RP]


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Semirhage steped out of the gateway, she was on Almoth Plain close to Tarabon by the river Andahar. She walked for half a mile before making a new inverted gateway taking her over the river. Then used the rest of the day to walk up the hills and within the limits of mountain teritory. Here once again she made a new inverted gateway, making sure to stay hiden between her walking periods. No one would know where she was going, placing the gateways apart and spread out it would indeed be close to imposible to follow her. Her walkings also gave her time to think.


She had had contact with Rahvin and Sammael barely after the gathering, she had heard whispers that Graendal had done the same, it was time to move before it was to late. Sammael by rumors where snugled in somewhere in shienar and she intended to find out just where.


She wove the web of treads, based of spirit once again, looking out towards the sea from the mountains between Tear and Mayene. It was time to go north.


She looked out over the pastures of Saldea, it was dark now, and she quickly killed the farmdog sleeping outside the house she aproatched. Walking into the barn she found a bridle and tread outside again, she bound the mare with treads of air as she put the bridle on, and then mounted. She was off riding slowly through forest untill dawn aproached, then once again she set her web, this time a litle bigger. She walked through the gateway leading the mare after her, the horse seemed a litle unsetled but soon calmed down as they where through the gate.


Shienar, she smiled, and now to find Sammael, she knew just where to start. As the sun painted the sky red and orange in the early morning mist, she left the horse untied near a farm, then she wove her webs again. This was geting tireding, but it was nesisary to hide her tracks.


She walked the 10 minuites into the village, she knew there was a darkfriend circle here. It was as good a place to start as any, and she tread her path towards the backstreath where the seamstress lived, steping inside she bared the door and walked into the backroom. "I am sorry we are not yet open" Semirhage looked at the woman with the green eyes of the illusion she put on, and twined a blonde curly lock of hair around her fingers with a pouty look. "It is what I had hoped, I dread full shops they are so pesky when it comes to talk of buisnises these lightfriends has no understanding for" her lips passed into a smile as she saw the shock and fright on the womans face. A weave already reaching out to stimulate the womans pleasure senter, she saw the womans legs cave in as she gasped and ended on her knees. Semirhage held the weave in place but withdrew some of the preasure. "You will tell me who is your leader here" she smiled cuningly, her eyes holding the womans eyes in a firm lock. "I i.." Oh but how she strugled, she could see the tears form in the womans eyes as she walked forward and cuped her chin. "Yes my darling" she let a whip of air and fire strengthened with spirit lash over the womans butocks, pleasure and pain was the perfect combination. She deligthed in the womans scream, and slowly again massaged the pleasure point, "this do not need to be so dificult, your such a pretty girl, it would be such a shame to ruin your dress and your face." the woman nodded as her tears poured down and she uttered the name in a whisper.


When Semirhage let her go she shudered and colapsed in a sobing heap on the floor. She left her there as she steped out and into the street, following the womans instructions towards the outside of the village. She found the smithy soon enough and silently slid into the stable. She could hear the sounds from up on the hayloft, and huridly climbed the ladder. The boy looked surpriced on her, but she never gave him time to think as she tied him in weaves of air. He realised then something was up and she could see the panick stricken look on his face as he opened his mouth, she stuffed it with more air and walked over.


Her green eyes pierced his brown, "Now this can be hard or easy, I need the name of your superior, and you will give me it, be sure" she sneered and saw him try to jank back. "she trailed a finger down his cheek, "you know what i am by now, your invisible bonds should tell you as much, it also should let you know what i am capable of doing to you. So dont be a fool cause i do got the time, and i can patch you up time and again to be sure that my torture can continue. So dont doubt my skills, so that leaves it to this, would you rather live the rest of your life with your limbs intact or would you prefer beeing reduced to a state where you will depend on others and not beeing able even to give yourself some mercy, or for that mather ask others to do so for you."


That seemed to do it, she could see something break in his eyes, the young ones was always full of ambitions. She caressed his pleasure senter and smiled soothingly, "thats it, I will realease the ga now and you just give me the name, i promise to leave you proper payment for your faithfull service." He nodded eagerly and she let the gag go, he blurted out the name and started at a long rant of how he but wished to serve, she ended it with a quick slice of a airmade knifeweave. "That is proper payment for a traitor." she tsked and left the stable throug a gateway, makeing sure to not let it touch anything it could harm and such leave traces that would speak of a channeler beeing there.


In the days passed she worked herself through several servants in the dark, pending on how she managed to lure the answer out of them she killed them, maimed them or let them go. But the later was mostly rare, to few she would trust to not be broken in such a way that she could trust them not to ligth a warning fire in hope of gaining something from it. Some was to stupid though and would spend to long trying to find their superior long dead by the time they did, and then find themself lost of what to do.


Finaly she found herself the answer needed, she looked with cold eyes on the object infront of her. He was the tird of this link she had had to do, the two other had finaly found death without giving the answer she wanted, and this she had been at for 3 days. But it had given her the answer needed, she knew enough to guess where Sammael was. She gave her victim the mercy of death for suplying her answer and then gatewayed out of the place. A week and a half had passed, she could but hope no warning of substance enough had reached him to make him move from his seat.


As she aproached the house on foot, clothed in an illusion of a pale skinned arafelan, seemingly a captain by rank, two brown braids spreading over each of the shoulders with small bells in them, and piercing cold blue eyes. She had it inverted and hid her ability to channel. Who knew what company he kept and she rather not end up in a squirmish with petty dreadlords, giving him a chanse to escape before she talked to him. He was a strategist surely he would be able to see the sence between their alliance, if he wanted to stay in the borderlands and gain power then why who bether. Close to the bligth as this, he would have big enough army potential to draw on to put into his battle plans, and her mere name would put frigth into the mortals, it was perfect.


She would get to do what she did best, intimidate the peoples into obidience, and she could help with keeping their more usefull tools alive with her healing skills, oh but there where none in this world who could match her on what she could do in the field of healing. She grined, yes togheter they could well outplot the rest, as for Rahvin, he by her opinion had grown soft in the southern courts, surely Sammael who was none of the sort could be made to see that.


She reached the gate into the house, and easily tied up the guard after making sure none was close to see. Walking up to the house she stated to the guards there that she had a message to the lord that she had been charged to only deliver to him directly, she knew the wording of passage, oh but they had tried the litle petty fools to give her the wrong words. In the end she had not let herself fool easily of it. Though even so, full of the power and several weaves at the ready she was all prepared to defend herself should they prove to be the wrong words.


She followed the soldier who came back out, leting him guide her, listening ahead for sounds of peoples waiting with a trap, nothing. No this would work just fine. She entered a room seeing a man sit behind a chessboard by a window, another glass of wine told of a partner who had been dismissed resently. She wainted till the door was closed behind her and then made sure that she heard the steps disapear. She let an inverted weave against eavesdroping go up, aware that her carefullness would mean he couldnt sence her ability to channel at the moment.


"Greetins Tel, its been to long" she already put up the inverted weave of a ward, having learned from her mistaces in Murrandy. "I am not sure if I shouldnt be offended you not came to my wedding.." she chuckled. Surely by now news would have reached him, she had no illusions otherwise, for the normal man of the borderland it migth still be unknown, but he was to skilled to not have a nettwork spread out to catch up on such news.


Nothing had happened, oh surely by now he held saidin, she sat down oposite of him and leaned back in the chair, picking up the glass of wine and smelling the aroma before taking a sip waiting for him to speak.





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Guest Emperor

Sammael stepped through the gateway and into his private chambers in Shienar. His latest trip to the Tower of the Black Dawn had netted him a few trinkets that may prove useful in the future but the majority of his visit was checking on Commander al'Kar. Sammael felt certain that the army that had amassed at the Tower had not been noticed by any of the other remaining Chosen and therefore safe from subterfuge. Once Sammael toppled the North by setting the Borderland nations against each other, there would be nothing to stop Sammael’s true army from moving in and asserting his strength in the world.


Sammael exited his chambers under the guise of Dakhaim and headed towards his war room where his Shienar generals were studying the latest reports of troop placements of the army in Arafel. Soon would be the time to strike, but Sammael was a patient man and everything needed to be in order first. Satisfied with their progress, Sammael returned to his chambers.


Being the king of Sheinar came with many drawbacks. Not all agreed with the king’s wish to divert attention from the Border and direct it towards their neighbor. Small rebellions had popped up throughout the city and had been easily squashed. The rebels had also openly made attempts on the king’s life. As Sammael, these attempts proposed no threat to his well-being. However using saidin in public probably would not be the wisest idea in protecting his identity of Dakhaim. Plus the royal life was boring to Sammael. He had begun using a double to make appearances in public thus freeing up his time for more important plans. It just so happened that this was the person met by Semirhage on the night of her visit. She had entered the room a few moments after Sammael had gotten up to get another vat of wine.


"Greetings Tel, it’s been too long", the woman said after she had entered the room, directing her comment to his double. Sammael grimaced at the use of his former name and realized that his double would now have to be dealt with. “I am not sure if I shouldn’t be offended you not came to my wedding." She said with a chuckle.


Sammael smiled at the information the visitor had just offered, as she had just given away her identity. Semirhage’s latest activities had been distasteful to Sammael. Mortal’s were not worthy to mix company with the likes of the Chosen and almost marrying one had turned his stomach. However, things have a way of working out and what Sammael had heard of the wedding brought a faint smile to his face. The smile quickly faded as he reminded himself that the death of her suitor had probably toughed her up and therefore she would not be such an easy target in the days to come.


Semirhage sat down across from his double with a look of confusion on her face. Sammael decided that toying with her any longer would just frustrate her and he did not have the time to deal with one of her tantrums. If she were to believe an alliance would be made between the two of them, then he better act friendly and greet her honestly. From the back room where he had been watching, Sammael entered the room. Semirhage jumped up from her seat at the sound of his footsteps, probably suspecting treachery.


“Easy Nemene, I have been waiting for you.” Sammael said calmly, walking over the table. The king’s double got up as if to leave the room as Sammael expertly slid his dagger between the man’s ribs and into his lung. He would be dead within a few moments. Sammael turned his attention back to his visitor and motioned for her to return to her seat as he took the now vacant seat across from her. He studied the chess board for a moment and then folded his hands underneath his chin.


“So you believe it is in our best interests to be aligned. What is it that you have in mind for us my dear?” Sammael asked….



Destroyer of Hope

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Where he had found a double that close was beyond her, or even much the reason why. She needed time to think, time bougth with a simple coment. "Asmodean is a fool", she made a gesture with her hand as if it was of no mather.


She had wanted to start build her empire with Murandy in the midle, to bussy scowling at each other, she had planed at playing them out against eachother. They never would have known till it was to late.


"He.." by the tone in her voice and as she carried on it would not make a question of her meaning Jarron, "..is moving ever faster, it wont do, I have no mind to let fools survive by merely doing nothing." she wouldnt sit back and see the kind of Asmodean hide out till the rest was gone and such become Nae'blis in that way.


"Its time to gain controll of the gameboard and you know it Sammael." absentmindly she moved one of the chesspieces. "Tarwins Gap is close, an easy exit for spawn," she grimased, not her favorite liking, but they counted for great numbers, and her name earned her credit with those controling them again. Fades unplesant beeings would sucumb to fear as well as any human if the right butons where pushed.


"So do you plan to dig in here till even the borderlands come into Jarrons sigth, cause it dont sound much like you.." she raised an eyebrow in question,. "Its time to move before its to late, bringing the borderlands to heel will do much of the jobb." It would surely please the Great Lord, the sharing of power was something to leave conserns about untill the other players where moved from the game, "I am sure we can come to reason, and let the others be the worry of Jarron while a proper foothold can be set up to win this cause."


In her mind it made every sence, he could deal with the army and she would be sure to envoke the controls that the army couldnt, to make the nobles bend neck, another nesesity as long as they kept going the people would be sure to follow. She would put an end to that thoug, they would need resources so just whiping the country clean with an army would not do. And she knew that Sammael would see that too, they both had thier skills and combined they could come to rule the borderlands instead of hiding in the scenes as advicors. Starting with this patch around Tarwins Gap.

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