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Thanks for your welcome, Ryrin, i'll be careful about spoilers (even if i can't help spoiling myself with encyclopaedias of all sorts  :D )


What i've liked best about the books... That's a hard one. I can't choose between the characters, the ambient, the world itself, or interactions (i think that's all that makes a story). no i can't choose. I like everything, maybe except some length from time to time.


Anyway, i've got a question about the forum, and social communities : do i have to chose only one? or can i be part of more? I saw people with ranks in several so i think it is permitted to belong to several communities, but what about the Tinker who asks to lay down arms, is it uncompatible with, let's say, the Band, which are initially warrior (or even further, the Aiel)?

Or am I just pushing the rules a bit far in roleplay?

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Hey! Welcome to DM


For the social communities and the RP groups, there are no obligations : so you can choose none, one, or plenty. :)


Now the social communities are not like real role playing group : in the social communities  you can play a role like in the Black Tower as... a mad asha'man for example :tongue: and gain ranks but you can also participate in games, challenges or discussions. and what would happen in BT would have no influence on the other social groups you belong to.


For the Tuathan'an camp, things are a bit more complicated as this social group is mainly about Art and Creation. Sometimes we dance, but mostly we show off what we drew, crafted, wrote, etc.


This would not be possible in the role play groups though. But for those, i'll let someone else explain things to you as i only signed in there a couple years ago as a Novice in the White tower lol





oh, and feel free to have a look in the Band then *grins*

we are always looking for raw recruits new people :happy:

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In the role play area you can write your own character in the WoT universe and interact with other characters and move up in ranks. In the White Tower and Warders, it is you who can move up in ranks in either the way of the Warder or the way of the Aes Sedai. As for the Tower, you cannot see many, if not most of, the forums until and if you decide to join.


You can join as many social groups as you like.


I have a hard time choosing what I like about the books too but I am fascinated by the world RJ created.

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Welcome to DM!


Since you haven't finished the series be careful in the discussion boards, they might contain spoilers.


Our Social Groups can be a great way to get to know some of the other members, have fun and discuss common interests. I can personally comment on two of the social groups I'm a member of; First is group is the Black Tower which is an overall fun place to go for fun, games and just plain oddities (We're tainted there so there's a lot of silliness).. The Second the Band of the Red Hand where we enjoy discussing music, travel and food. There are a number of other Social Groups you can check out so please do so and join the one(s) that appeal to you.  You may join as many groups as you like so check them all out when you have the time and, most of all, have fun!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here and one of us is sure to have an answer.

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