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Mafia Players Take Note.....

Moon Sedai

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Hey there Mafia addits.


I would like to take a moment to discuss a change I'm making for Thakandar Mafia.


Don't worry, it's a good thing, and I'm not getting rid of it completely.


It's well know that in Shayol Ghul, we track points for bragging rights, and that each month, the person with the most points is appointed Nae'Blis for the month.

Well, several of our Mafia players aren't necessarily members of the social group, but they earn points anyway.


A Refresher:

In mafia games, winning teams earn (players *2) points.

Losing teams get (Players) in points.

Moderators get the same amount of points as the winning team(s).

Tutors get points equal to the team of the person they tutor.

And the moderator gets 50 points to dole out as they see fit.


In sum, it's a chance for a whole lot of points to be earned over the years.


So, I've decided to make a seperate record of just the Mafia points. They will still count to your Shayol Ghul points totals, but I'll be keeping this seperate tally so we can find out just who in Shayol Ghul is the most awesome mafia player of them all.

Here is the record of points:


Moderators: I don't play mafia any more. But, you still must let me know about points earned in games (even if you have access to the Bore) so the points can be properly tallied.
I'll also be keeping tabs of who runs games and which games are run.

The current tallies include every game played this year plus Leelou's Arkham Villains game (while played last year, the points calculated toward this year's total).

That is all.


Current leader is Halli, followed by Leelou then a tie between and Lily and Verbal.

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