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BT Bio for Jeiol Ramureth - Need FL CC for Nobility - Temp Admin CC'd

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle:  Ash Man
Contact Info: aidenking17@gmail.com
Character Count: 1 (This is the first.)
Character Name: Jeiol Ramureth
Nationality: Mayene
Age: 27
Physical Characteristic:
-Eye color: Emerald green, with a obscure ring of sand-brown around the pupil
-Hair color: Black
-Weight: 158 lb.
-Height: 6'1"

Physical Description: Jeiol is of a medium-framed body type, and of a very fit human physical condition. Across the left side of his chest, above his heart, he has a tattoo, of what appears to a crescent half-moon. He has several scars in his abdominal region, along with a arrow wound on his chest, across from his tattoo, courtesy of a dozen different assassins.
He keeps his hair mostly uncombed, letting the wind create his hairstyle. As a result, it drapes halfway down his forehead. His face is what can be referred to as average, not very attractive but not unattractive, either.

Personal History:  Jeiol Ramureth is heir to the High Seat of House Ramureth, a particularly strong House of the Mayener nobility. Because of this, he is a skilled player of Daes Dae'mar, also know as the Game of Houses, or the Great Game. Also because of this, he is the target of many assassination plots and schemes, either as the receiving and of others, or as the instigator. He has been trained in hand-to-hand combat for self-defense purposes, and is of moderate skill in this regard, although is has never trained with blade. As most nobles do, he has served as an officer in the Mayener Winged Guards. However, he has never risen farther than that position.
He refuses to tell the story behind the tattoo on his chest, although he has given many subtle hints that it does, in fact, have a story behind it.
He discovered his ability to channel while residing in the country Amadacia, where the Children of Light hold great sway. It is unknown what he was doing there, except that he was known to be interested in the militarian and political doings of the Whitecloaks. It is also known that he had not had his tattoo before leaving Mayene to travel there. He had been living there for almost five years, in correspondence with his House, before he first channeled. Immediately afterwards, he traveled back to Mayene, but stayed there barely two days before disappearing.
Unbeknownst to anyone accept his fiancé, a commoner, he traveled to Tear, to the Black Tower
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Like I told Arath: I checked out other bios here, and, apparently, my 'personal history' is quite short, and my character quite shallow. I left it vague mostly on purpose, to provide material for later RPs, but if I need to add anything or change anything, I am more than ready. I have plenty of ideas already thought out.


I am planning for my character to have a block, as well.

And yes, I know the BT is not in Tear, but it was where yhe amnesty was publicly declared, and it is the easiest country to access from Mayene. Also, it would make for a nice recruiting thread, IMO.

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Yes, your personal history is definitely short. Too short/shallow for my taste but it wouldn't be the first time. What you need to bear in mind is that leaving it vague for your benefit also makes life difficult for the people you RP with as they have nothing to work from except on a post by post basis. That's the whole point of a character history. However, if Arath is happy enough to pass it then I'll give it an Admin CC so you can get started. Good luck.


If there are any problems with the nobility issue, Mystica (the FL RGL) will let you know in due course.

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