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  1. Welcome to DM, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  2. Like I told Arath: I checked out other bios here, and, apparently, my 'personal history' is quite short, and my character quite shallow. I left it vague mostly on purpose, to provide material for later RPs, but if I need to add anything or change anything, I am more than ready. I have plenty of ideas already thought out. I am planning for my character to have a block, as well. And yes, I know the BT is not in Tear, but it was where yhe amnesty was publicly declared, and it is the easiest country to access from Mayene. Also, it would make for a nice recruiting thread, IMO.
  3. So I hear! I'm getting there. Gotta organize my profile n' stuff first.
  4. Thanks! And yes, I will try to keep the books a surprise, but the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, right?
  5. Hey everyone. Obviously, I'm new here, and posted here to say hello to all my fellow WoT fans. I love debating, and I'm eager to check out the 'Cage Matches'. That, along with the Dragon Reborn RPing. I just finished reading the Path of Daggers, but since I am currently traveling (or should I say Traveling . . ) overseas, I don't have access to Winter's Heart. But as soon as I get home, you can be sure I'll jump right into it. And just a warning; I go to school in an out-of-town, all-boys boarding school, and rarely have access to the internet. The only way I have the resources to post any sort of detailed post here is to bike to the library on Fridays, which I do almost every week. Otherwise, I have to go down the block to an iPod store and post from there, but that does not allow for any sort of length in my posts. So, hello!
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