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Feast of Fools: Writing Prompt Contest


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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Writing Prompt Contest! I will give you several words and I want you to write me a scene during feast that contains them all. Once everyone has submitted their entries by posting their scenes in this thread, I will ask that everyone votes for their favorite scene via PM to me by April 8th! You have until midnight (in your own timezone) on April 7th to post your scenes on the thread.

So without further ado, here are the list of words you must include in your scene:


















-Aes Sedai


And go! :smile: Have fun with this and may the best Fool win :wink::laugh::biggrin:



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Okay, okay!  I just threw this together so not a whole lot of time or thought went into it but I think I got all the words in!



As the Amyrlin snacked on chocolate and pizza, her favorite Warder came into the room carrying a squirming creature.  The Amyrlin, intrigued, got up and walked over to view the struggling animal more closely.  “How cute!” she exclaimed!  “What is it?”  


“It’s a flaming platypus and the cook claims it has been stealing her cookies!  I’d dispatch it but I can’t get to my sword while I’m holding the light-blasted creature and everyone I saw on the way up here ran away as soon as they saw me.”


The Amyrlin laughed indulgently.  “I can’t believe the cook would be so upset about someone stealing her cookies!  It’s not like anyone else would eat them; they are quite horrid!”


She looked around the room then spied the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  “Here, put the poor dear on this hammock,” she said as she tied a hammock to the chandelier, “then run off to the laundry or something to get a disguise that can be used to sneak the poor creature out of the Tower.”


“Can’t you just use your dagger to kill it?” her Warder asked.


“And get blood all over my carpet?  Not a chance!”


Her Warder sighed, deposited the platypus on the hammock and departed the room.  The Amyrlin rocked the hammock until he returned carrying what appeared to be a large ball.


“Here, put it in this,” he said, opening the “ball” which turned out to be a hinged sphere.  We’ll sneak him out this way, you can reach it up to me when I’m on my horse, and make a gateway for us to escape.  If anyone asks, I’ll just tell them I’ve got a chicken in here and I’m delivering it to the Panarch of Tarabon.  I'll tell her it's a gift to celebrate her victory in being appointed Panarch.  She is known to love birds and has a passion for exotic pets so she'll probalby be thrilled.”


“Ooh, excellent idea,” exclaimed the Amyrlin.  “You might even be able to fool her into thinking it actually IS a chicken!  Just make sure you get back in time for the feast tonight.”


After adjusting her stole, she returned to her snack and watched the gateway for her Warder’s return.  She had quite the surprise for him when he rode back through the gateway . . . a lovely chocolate cream pie that, flung directly at his face, would repay him for the “flaming Aes Sedai” comment he made as he rode away.

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