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The new guy.


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Hey guys. I have visited this site many times but finally said "why not?" and joined in with the other thousands of obsessive fans!I have been reading RJ's WOT series only for a few years now, my boyfriend got me hooked and now I cannot stop. I have read and re-read the series a few times now and can answer most of my boyfriend's questions about WOT. Funny eh? I have come to realize that I do not know what I am going to do when RJ is done with WOT. Anyone got any books that they think would compare and hook and bait me? In regards to Dragonmount anyone got any pointers? How do I install an avatar? Hmm well I guess that is all for now.

Peace in the middle east.

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Guest Egwene

Hi Gai'shain... nice to hear you gave in to the temptation to join DM :)


There is a thread on the general discussion board called 'recommended authors and series' which should give you lots of ideas on what else to read.


With regards to DM the best advice is BROWSE!! Just look around, see what you are interested in and post, post, post :wink:


Avaters? Hmm... don't know.. but again there is a thread somewhere either on General Discussion or on the Help Desk.


Whilst you are browsing, have a look at the book discussions... I am trying to get everyones's vote on 'who killed Asmodean' though there are lot's of other polls as well.


The Orgs will welcome you with open arms... just say hello and introduce yourselves over there.


I don't know much about the RP side... there are threads on their boards that will give you more info.


Main thing... have fun :)

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Hi !


Welcome on the DM website !


For the Avatar, just go in your profile (link on the right side of the screen). There's a place in the profile to put the addie of your avatar. It has to be 70X70 for it's dimension if I recall well.


Do not hesitate to come in the band of the red hand org and share a mug of brew with us !

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The actual size requirement for avatars is 80x80. It is posted in the guidelines which is either a sticky or an announcement at the top of this board!


And welcome! Enjoy your time here!

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