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Warders and Ajah Access


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I know I'm long winded, so if you don't feel like reading it all, just read the bold stuff..it should give you all the info you really need to understand what this thread is about :D


I've given this some thought lately and have begun discussions with our AGL. We both seem to be on the same page with this, so I thought I would move the conversation here.


I would like to offer the option to have those members of the Warder's Group whose character is bonded (IC) to an AS in the White Tower be added to that Ajah's private board


I believe this would be beneficial in keeping the bonded characters in the loop when planning ajah rps, so that plans don't get lost in PMs or always need to be posted on the public inter group boards (where they often are not posted anyway).  It would keep the warders/bondeds in the loop OOC on what is going on which could give them a chance to interact IC as well as OOC. 


I realize that some Heads may not be comfortable with this, but I urge them to consider that if the member of the group were to join the WT and choose their Ajah, without some major reasoning, they would be able to see that board. 


I assure that if there is a specific reason why a Head would prefer a specific member not have access to the private Ajah board, and they bring it up to me, we will discuss it case by case to determine if access is given. 


I know that currently we really only have me, Lor, and Leala as Heads. As this is the case, I don't want to make a final decision for all Ajahs, but I would like to get this started if we are going to go ahead with it. 


What I would like to see here is your thoughts on if you wish for this option to be available to have OOC members of other groups who have warders/bondeds  IC  to AS in your respective Ajahs gain access to your Private Ajah boards. 


I believe it would be best to begin this on an 'if you want it, you can do it' approach, rather than saying "all Ajah's need to accept this". At least until we have Ajah heads in all Ajahs and a lot of active warders.


If you as Heads would like this option, I will approach the Admins/other RGLs to see if this is something they would approve. If it is, I would then ask that you make sure the members of your Ajah are comfortable with letting these non Ajah members be added OOC to the private planning boards. 



Then we will work out the specifics of how it would come about (thought I would assume that when the OOC bond approval was coming in we would just add the question of whether they want to be added to the OOC boards to the form and then give them access).



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I'm in! Keeps me from having to translate rp plans for Kynwric. Like a real husband, he only hears half of what I say, even when I type it...


It would also be beneficial for planning between multiple warders and Aes Sedai. Previously, that had to be done on the Warder's boards, even if it was a Tower RP...

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