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WoT Audio Books??


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Okay, I'm brand new to this site, seems awesome so far, theres way too many forums to check out before I die in this life, so I guess i'm starting here. I love the WoT books, they are the longest and best epic that I've ever "read/listened" to. Problem is that while I'm in classes at the university, i don't have that much time to kick back and pick up a book, so I have been listening to the audio books. And I am getting a little worried. I've just started Lord of Chaos and now there is only the Crown of Swords before I'm onto Path of Daggers and I have not seen an audio book for Path of Daggers anywhere.


It seems really weird to me that there are audio books for Volumes 1-7 and 9-11, but nothing for Volume 8 (I say volume because a book is more in the 300-500 page range and these are like reading through encyclopedia's (although much more interesting than one). Anywhoo, I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an Audio book coming out for Volume 8 or not and if so, why has it not been completed when they are already done with volume 11??


Thanks for any info you can give me and/or links that you can send me to for answers if this question has already been addressed!

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hmmm. you seem to be right.


I can't find it on audible.com or iTunes.

I'd suggest just searching for it on google, but chances are there just isn't one out there.


not sure why that would be.


that's too bad too because I like the audio books. Although, I find myself not doing anything else but starring off into space and listening, can't focus on much else, so i don't order them much because they're kind of pricey when you've alread bought all the books, and I never have so much free time at work that I can just sit and stare at my moniter for long enough to enjoy them.


good luck.

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the audio books have been re mastered, and a few have not yet been re-release yet. I know that about 6 months ago there were three that were not available, but in october another was released, and they have been adding like another every year or so. If you are lucky you can find them used, or ::cough, cough:: buy a burned copy on ebay ::cough, cough:: A friend did that, yeah a friend ::cough, cough:: but they were dubbings of cassette to cd.

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