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  1. So, I finished last night. I loved it, every twist and turn. Yes, I could wish for more or be upset it didn't offer everything I wanted but there is no point in that. I of course thought the ending was abrupt. My take on it is this. Robert Jordan wrote the end as abrupt as it was YEARS ago. I think the story evolved beyond that pre written ending. Had Jordan been the one to finish it, I find it doubtful it would have ended so abruptly. I think he would have seen that and added a little more meat to the bare bones ending he had planned. But how do you complain about using RJ's ending. It is SO fitting to end with his words as HE envisioned them. It is a proper ending, if we couldn't have the man himself finish for us, this ending is a tribute to him and allows him to have his voice back at the end. Now, maybe I was reading too fast and missed it, but who under the bloody light killed Asmodean?? I assume at this point it was graendel, as demandred took himself out of the running. If we are not supposed to post on it, could someone PM me? I REALLY don't want to wait to find out on my reread.
  2. I dont think the actual abilty to channel is based on the mind and its flexability. But I do think that what you can do with the power you have is affected. This is supported by rand's inability to create a larger area for skimming then his first attempt. Or Aviendha's difficulty with gateways because of using a slightly different weave during her flight from rand into seanchan. Also the need of a "crutch" for some like arm waving or a throwning motion for a fireball. That is why "forcing" someone, while dangerous, produces such great results. If a student was told to try to form the largest gateway possible in there first attempt, would this change thier future abilites? Or the limits of how much you can "lift" with the power, if asked to lift a large rock (as say the black tower does) instead of a tea cup or book (as the white tower likely does) would they then have greater strength?
  3. Okay, I am a flippin' idiot. I have just finished the book, and have managed to MISS the asmo bit. I feel like total tool !! Will someone have pity on me? I believe I gathered that it was Graendal from an early post here in this thread, but where did I miss the important bits !! I have been waiting 10 flippin years to figure this out, and it is driving me nuts.
  4. I was actually planning to go to the Cincinnati OH signing, my first one ever. In the past there were lists of questions people wanted answered, and was looking for something like it. If there isnt, I guess we can start one here !! Obviously we dont want repeats or questions that are just twists on dead ends.
  5. That is rather disappointing, as I was planning to order if for my nook.
  6. People are not born ta'veren, but instead become one by the patterns needs. As such baby mat, perrin and rand would not have glowed until the time of their need approached. I also seem to remember a part where I believe either loial or moiraine was telling rand about ta'veren. Told him that they are in varying degrees of strength, and last for different lengths of time. That a person can be ta'veren for a day or just to change the outcome of one key moment. I always had the impression that a ta'veren is not that rare, but it is the really strong ones that were rare. They say Rand is the most strongly ta'veren since Hawkwing, not that he was the only one since then. I would think that Suian would have seen many lesser ta'veren over her time and travels.
  7. I always felt that Nynaeves weather sense had grown to include the storms and turbulance of greater world, not the least of these being of men and the war against the Dark One. Now maybe I saw confirmation where there was none, but I thought there often were battles and conflicts often after one of her "foreshadowing" of weather. I know she had one in Falme right before Rand and Co. showed up and rescued the horn and dagger.
  8. I am not sold that this is a Sharaman. The man speaks, and Rand recognizes the accent and chases after. I have re-read many times, and always assumed it was a Seanchan. And Alivia seems to recognize it to and it scares her. Rand spun around at the accent, it was that striking and familiar. I say Seanchan.
  9. There was too much reverb for me to understand you. I am going to try viewing on another device.
  10. It isnt that the OP is infinite. It is a force that is "channeled" to various purposes. You cannot use up all of "gravity" for example. No matter how many apples fall from a tree (to use isaac newton's example of gravity), its force is not used up or diminished. The tree may run out of them, or die from old age, but that doesnt change another tree's ability to drop its apples. The same principle exists with the force in the wheel of time known as the One Power. By this concept, I dont think the Eye could be used as an alternate "source" for the power to be used to seal the bore in the Dark One's prison. I imagine it's sealing will occur much as Rand cleansed the source. Men linked with women, using Saidin and Saidar in union in a circle (I theorize with the use of Callandor, linked with two women) and the meaning of the prophesy "He shall hold a blade of light in his hands and the three shall be one." There is an other post theorizing something similar, but it thinks the use of the True Power as well. I dont think this will be the case, but it has alot of merit becides that(I admit I havent really followed that one, so I may be repeating here). I believe one aspect of the One Power to "buffer" (as Rand did at the cleansing) to keep the other aspect of the power free of the touch of the Dark One during the sealing of the bore. It wasnt simply touching the Dark One with saidin during Lews Therins attempt to seal him up that caused the "backlash" of the Taint, it was that the "Seal" that was woven touched him. By use of this "buffer" concept would sidestep this, in theory of course.
  11. The biggest clue, as stated above, are the items hidden in its depth. We have the Horn, a seal, and the banner of the dragon. Why would these things be left so guarded? Plus the location was hidden so a person could only find it once, and tended by the greenman in a location within the blight. So we have a list of safe guards in place. 1 - The blight itself 2 - Single access restriction 3 - The Greenman 4 - The Well of Saidin aka The Eye of the World So viewed that way, it looks more as if it was more about the items protection until a given time of thier need (likely driven by a foretelling). And shortly after they were revealed, they had prophesized uses. Mat blew the horn, and Arthur Hawkwing says they are restricted and need the banner to proceed. So it becomes fairly obvious that the the "eye" was used at its intended time. Now that does not mean it was used as the "Eye's" creators intended, but surely as the pattern intended. I do like the theory of it being there partially to "force" Rand, although the idea of forcing rand this way is unlikely. It is more of a form of a Catalyst of Prophesy, a trigger event that sets other forces in motion, and in a lesser way a catalyst to jump start rand toward saidin and his exceptance of his place as the Dragon. And a quick side note, the concept of the Eye being a Well. As in a ter'angreal designed to hold an amount of the power. So as such, the thought of it being filled again is a good idea.
  12. I think part of the issue with the crystal throne is a ter'angreal. To my knowledge we do not have the exact wording of the prophesy, but we know there are many different interpretations and translations of the various prophesies. That could very well be what the seanchan mean by "corrupt". Looking at it that way, perhaps they simply have one or a few slightly twisted translations. That doest make them wrong, only slightly off and when they fulfill I doubt they will be off enough that they will not be recognized. For that matter we know from Rands various attempts to force prophesy, that knowledge of a prophesy can allow it to BE forced. So with that concept, lets say the "bind the nine moon's" and the "kneel to the crystal throne" prophesies are the same ones, just altered slightly thru slightly different interpretation and translation. The end result would be nearly or exactly the same, that Rand will get the seanchan in line to fight that last battle. Rands version of it only states that needs to form some kind of tie to the seanchan to gain their aid. The Seanchan version says rand must kneel (and it is assumed to swear oaths of allegiance) to the crystal thrown. The results are the same, but we have a huge empire behind one version trying to "force" the one path to the prophesies fulfillment.
  13. I guess I always felt that the eyes were the Heroes of the Horn. We know that they reside in T'A'R, and that they know how to not be seen but still watch (the scene with perrin and birgitte at the tower of ghengi).
  14. Still, this should hold merit. All that quote proves is that with the TP there is a way. It does not say that all weaves of that power can destroy cuendillar. Rands used the TP for weaves of fire (as quoted above). Fire is simply fire, and as so should only strengthen the DomBand if it were made of cuendillar.
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