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Hello there!

Thought I could just write a little introduction, after I've been checking out the forums for some days! I'm a 20 year-old girl from Norway (so my grammar and language are not the best), and have just read through the final book! The first time to read the three final books, after reading the 11 first ones one time before, for like 4-5 years ago. After reading the last book, I could finally start searching around for more WoT stuff and sites, and came across this one. I just can't get enough of my favorite book series. So I think I'm going to hang around here a lot, if that's okey. ;)


Can just finish with saying that my favorite book would probably be tSR, and maaaybe ToM after that again. And my favorite person has always been Perrin, from the first book to the last.

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Hello and welcome to DM!!! We are most certainly happy to have you join us here!!! I found the books arouns 3.5 years ago. My favorites are The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, New Spring and EotW.


Have you looked around? The social groups are a really good place to meet people. You can join as many as you want. In the White Tower and Warders (and perhaps some others) you cannot see all of the boards until and if you decide to join. There is a role play area if you would like to write your own character into the WoT, then there are the discussion forums.


Your English is fine and you will find others from Norway here like my Green Sister, Mish.


Please ask if you have any questions or need help.


Ryrin, Sitter of the Green Ajah

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Welcome Enia! I am also new to Dragonmount and relatively new to the books (I started reading them about 3 months before AMoL came out and managed to read them all twice before I got my preordered copy of AMoL). I recently finished reading them all again and came here when I finished them to ease my "withdrawal". ;)

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