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  1. I'm just so curious to know which studio is involved. It would mean a lot. So I hope we get more news soon! Just to feel that we are a bit closer to an actual series or something else to happen. And I'm also very curious about actors! But I guess that's a while before we hear anything about. But it's a lot on my mind too! It is often it's young, unknown actors used in these types of roles I guess? I do hope so, always exciting with new, young actors - if they do a good job of course!
  2. Am I the only one that's going crazy? :D I mean, when are we supposed to hear more news? I'm checking for news several times a day! Anyone have any thoughts on how long these things take, I felt that it wouldn't take thaaat long before we heard some more about this!
  3. I really hope that there will be a tv series, can't wait for more news, I hope we will hear more about it soon! I just hope it will be done well, there have been so many disappointing movies based on good fantasy book series.. I'd be really mad if WoT got a bad treatment! I just love the series so much, and would love to see it on screen, and then my boyfriend would get to know the world too! Would be nice :D
  4. 1. I see you say you have gotten a satisfying answer, but I will just say the first I thought too. I think that he has some really bad memories from the time he used Callandor in the Stone, when he tries to make the dead girl live again. I would guess that he feels he lose control with all the power, and doesn't trust himself with it. And maybe more so when Lews Therin starts talking in his head and all that. 2. As the comment above says, I guess it's because of the vision. If I remember right, she wrote in the letter that there were other possible outcomes, and those did not end well. I would think that she was afraid of changing anything, as she didn't know what would happen then. 3. It's some time since I read the book, so I can't say I remember that much of the battle. But maybe Sammael thought he could trick Rand there without difficulties. But it's not easy to know what he was thinking, but I would guess he had a plan with it. 4. In LoC the Forsaken discuss this, where Mesaana says the Tower has guards and wards, and count everything four times a day. So I would guess that it would be noticed fast if something gets missing, so I guess it's more trouble than it's worth. So they did discuss the possibilites there. And Mesaana also says "If you want to count on finding something by chance, do so. I will not." I guess they don't think it's worth the time looking.
  5. Nice post :D I started reading the book at home. I was often at the library at that time, and when I was 15 I found the series there because of the many books! 11 (And New Spring, I read that first) books standing on a row, and looking really interesting. I had read fantasy for some years then, so the series were perfect. And luckily, this was in the summer, so you can guess what I did the whole summer. I read in the books all the time. I was reading all day long, reading while I was walking up and down the stairs at home, when eating, at the toilet, yeah, I walked around with my head stuck in the books. I couldn't stop reading. Loved it! It didn't take long before I was finished with the books. I miss the feeling of not knowing what was gonna happen, and loved it when I found out the three last books had been written so that I could feel that again. But still, I love reading the series now too!
  6. From the beginning of the series my favorite character were Perrin. And he has been through all the books! I just love the way he's so careful and afraid of hurting others, he just seems like a really nice guy. But there are a lot of characters I like, and that was growing on me through the books. Mat for example. It took some books before I started to like him, but then I liked him a lot. And Egwene, Min, Moiraine, Loial, Faile. And for some reason that I don't quite understand, Demandred is my favorite among the Forsaken. I wish he had more time in the books.
  7. My favourite book I think would be tSR, because of all the stuff with Perrin. I must say I also liked ToM pretty much too. But gonna read the series again soon, so maybe some other books are on the top then too!
  8. Perrin is the first one for sure! He's always been my favorite, alle from the first time we saw him i the first book. He just seems like a nice guy and an ideal husband. Second choice might be Demandred! He's just cool, and I've liked him from the first time I read about him too. As for the girls I think maybe Egwene for the first choice. Then Avi or Birgitte.
  9. Enia

    Ajah test

    You belong to the Green Ajah! The Green Ajah is often called the "Battle Ajah"; they await Tarmon Gai'don, where they will fight the Shadow. Until The Last Battle arrives, Greens seek to dispense justice, often with force rather than words. Members of this Ajah are allowed to bond more than one Warder, something that is very useful during battles, and many choose to have two, three or even more than that. . Greens are often seen as emotional rather than rational, and tend to prefer action to deliberation, often taking charge in situations that require it. Greens can often be arrogant and prideful, but as a whole they are often an outgoing and friendly Ajah. While not all Greens are flamboyant, it is not rare for Greens to care about their appearance a great deal. This is your result in its entirety: Green Ajah: 6 Gray Ajah: 5 Blue Ajah: 5 Red Ajah: 3 Brown Ajah: 3 Yellow Ajah: 3 White Ajah: 0 I picked Blue at the end, but it was either Blue or Green so! :D Liked the test, even though some of them I just had to pick one even though it really didn't suit me x]
  10. Enia


    Hello there! Thought I could just write a little introduction, after I've been checking out the forums for some days! I'm a 20 year-old girl from Norway (so my grammar and language are not the best), and have just read through the final book! The first time to read the three final books, after reading the 11 first ones one time before, for like 4-5 years ago. After reading the last book, I could finally start searching around for more WoT stuff and sites, and came across this one. I just can't get enough of my favorite book series. So I think I'm going to hang around here a lot, if that's okey. ;) Can just finish with saying that my favorite book would probably be tSR, and maaaybe ToM after that again. And my favorite person has always been Perrin, from the first book to the last.
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