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  1. Well, you've definitely come to the right place! And your fav moments coincide with mine as well. (I'm willing to bet they would rank high on just about everyone's list here.) ;) They're all jam-packed with Moments of Awesome! And who can resist Mat's ascendency into a reluctant hero? In any case, welcome to a community of like-minded readers!
  2. Hi again Kailani! *waves* Since we're hanging with the Browns, let's talk books! What are you top 5 go-to books? Mine are: WoT (the series...I don't like piecemeal stories LOtR (ditto) Harry Potter (ditto again) Pride and Prejudice Jane Eyre
  3. Welcome, Josephine! What attracts you to Dragonmount...the books, the people...the people who like the books? ;) I'm guessing you'll find more than you expect to.
  4. My sister once made lemonade with salt instead of sugar. Ugh.
  5. Welcome to Dragonmount and the White Tower, Graysfang, blitz3289, Arsalan, and skyl4rk! I'm glad you've decided to join us here officially. I hope to get to know you all; I'm new here too...
  6. *chuckles* Hey dawnflower, I've got some really yummy dark chocolate with a honey toffee drizzle on top...or maybe you'd rather have some of my Godiva truffles: my favs (dark chocolate/key lime) are off limits, but there's some yummy hazelnut, and Aztec truffles...
  7. I guess you have to see him portrayed more sympathetically, Cindy. At our cabin in Minnesota I have, count them, 5 versions of Jane Eyre on DVD, from the old Laurence Olivier version on up. My absolute favorite is the Masterpiece Theatre one with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. It's probably the one that follows the book most faithfully, IMO. And Toby Stephens portrays Rochester with just the right amount of vulnerability and obvious longing...
  8. LOL That is spot on, Cindy! But really, Jane Eyre was not quite as dark as Wuthering Heights...I totally get the Rochester thing, though. I guess I've got daddy issues too. ;) Of course, marrying a guy 6 1/2 yrs younger than me seems counterintuitive...
  9. Yeah...that's like getting out of school without reading "Wuthering Heights"! How could one escape the Bronte girls? I much prefer Jane Eyre to Wuthering Heights. Charlotte Bronte seems to have been a bit more optimistic than Emily.
  10. Basel, the books I'm talking about are CS Lewis' "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra" and "That Hideous Strength". Aside from being fantasy/sci-fi, they are interesting discussions on religion, etc. (which you would expect from CS Lewis). Perelandra discusses what might have happened if Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden. It's pretty interesting. As for Salvatore, I agree wholeheartedly. His fight sequences are so well described that even I can see the action. It's almost night and day compared to the description of sword-forms that are used in WoT. Cindy....yes, she does rock! I also adore the book/movie "Jane Eyre."
  11. And Panchi, yes, they've been hopeful for 20+ years.
  12. It sounds like it's a very personal bonding-type experience. Very interesting....
  13. Hi Basel, Pleased to meet you. :) Um...I have a varied library from Tolkien (inc. the Silmarillion) to Jean Auel to C.S. Lewis' space trilogy to Harry Potter to R.A. Salvatore to Jane Austen. I like lots of kinds of movies as well, but I prefer fantasy/sci-fi stuff. I'm a hardcore Whedonite as well, and have the Buffy and Angel comics to prove it. ;) As for music, that's varied as well....from the Beatles to Imagine Dragons to Celtic music to Mozart. I enjoy good musicals and listen to the soundtrack to "Across the Universe" while I'm riding all the time. ;)
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