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  1. Well, you've definitely come to the right place! And your fav moments coincide with mine as well. (I'm willing to bet they would rank high on just about everyone's list here.) ;) They're all jam-packed with Moments of Awesome! And who can resist Mat's ascendency into a reluctant hero? In any case, welcome to a community of like-minded readers!
  2. Welcome, Josephine! What attracts you to Dragonmount...the books, the people...the people who like the books? ;) I'm guessing you'll find more than you expect to.
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount and the White Tower, Graysfang, blitz3289, Arsalan, and skyl4rk! I'm glad you've decided to join us here officially. I hope to get to know you all; I'm new here too...
  4. Welcome to Dragonmount Shadar Alantin! I, too, am a newbie here and am still trying to absorb it all. :) There's always help if you need it...just ask.
  5. Welcome to Dragonmount, deep.rest! I am a newbie here too. There's a lot here, so take your time and enjoy the books; they're worth it.
  6. Welcome to Dragonmount, Illyria! If you're looking for a WoT home, this is the place....from Social Groups to Role Playing, it's here. I am also a newbie here. BTW, I love your handle...is it in reference to Joss Whedon's character from Angel or is it from the Greek? Just curious, since I love the character Illyria on Angel (although I will never forgive Joss Whedon for destroying Fred to do it. ;)
  7. Welcome to Dragonmount, proctermma! I am also new here, but it's definitely the place to go to get a fix of WoT and to find others who love it too. Enjoy AMoL...it's definitely EPIC! Of course, you will most likely have the same feelings at the end that most of us had...it's over too soon, and doesn't wrap up every thread of the stories, but is still a great read.
  8. Hi kiertorata, I resisted reading these books for more than a decade cuz I hate waiting for new books in a series. I finally caved a started reading them 3 months before AMoL came out...I got them on Kindle to minimize the back strain. ;) I think it's definitely worth it to finish the series...it's nice to get the "end" of such an epic story
  9. Welcome GamrDadKinsey! I'm also new to Dragonmount. I'm relatively new to the series, although my eldest son started trying to get me to read them when he was in high school (1999/2000). I resisted reading them for a long time cuz I hate waiting for books (I'm not a patient person), but finally caved 3 months before AMoL came out.
  10. Welcome Enia! I am also new to Dragonmount and relatively new to the books (I started reading them about 3 months before AMoL came out and managed to read them all twice before I got my preordered copy of AMoL). I recently finished reading them all again and came here when I finished them to ease my "withdrawal". ;)
  11. I see that I now have access to the Aspirant Common Room forum. Woo hoo!
  12. Thanks so much, Elaevia and Daruya! It has been a very long time since I belonged to an online community like this (I was on the Quartz bbs and mud in 1990-1991 and still communicate with some of the friends I made there more than 20 years ago). I'm supposing that this will be as rewarding an experience. :) Now I just need to start thinking of a better handle for the sight and maybe some ideas for a sig....
  13. Thank you very much for your warm welcome, Chaelca Sedai. :) I definitely will explore the social groups...I've already started reading posts to familiarize myself with them. I hope to make many new friends here; I am sure that I will find many kindred spirits here. Plus, since I am bedridden much of the time, I have plenty of it to spend here. ;)
  14. Hi Bill, I am also a newbie here. I read AMoL the day it was released, just after reading the rest of the books twice in 3 months, and I too was disappointed. Although I appreciated what I got to learn, there were so very many threads and themes left out of the END that it didn't FEEL like an end. Perhaps that was the point...to leave us wanting more.
  15. Thank you very much for your warm welcome, Ryrin Sedai. I look forward to thoroughly exploring this community of fans. :)
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