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Hello all from a new member who already has a question.


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Hi all. I'm new to dragon mount but to the fabulous Wheel of Time books.

I've read them all twice and some more than that, and each time I learn something new. On the first read I mostly skipped the prologue in the first book and came back to it later when it made more sense.

However I think that skipping it the first time made me prone to not take it all in on subsequent read, because today I read that first prologue once again, and it doesn't quite add up for me. So I sort of hoped someone could put me right.


The issue for me is that Lews Therin Telamon and the 100 companions sealed the Dark One and the Forsaken in the bore, and then the Dark One released the taint that caused all the male Aes Sedai to go mad. In the prologue Lews Therin, who has already gone mad and killed all his family, faces Elan Morin Tedronai aka Moridin and Ishamael, who is one of the Forsaken and should be sealed safely behind the bore.


I'm sure that question this has been covered numerous times before and that a logical explanation does exist, but I would be most grateful if someone would enlighten me as to what's happened here. 


Thanks in advance CodfishSteve (A name assigned to me by my most beautiful granddaughter)

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Hi Steve!  Ryrin's right about the book discussion board.  You can find a lot of knowledgeable people who have the answers to everything!


However, to answer your question in a condensed way: Ishamael was only half caught in the Bore.  There's arguments on how this happened, but Ishamael has been able to get free from the Bore many times throughout the Age.  He had a hand in forming the Black Ajah, he made Artur Hawkwing mistrust Aes Sedai, he manipulated Jain Farstrider--the list goes on and on.


The easy answer as to way is: the Pattern.  Ishy caused a lot of destruction--a lot of Shadow.  Hence, the Pattern needed to correct it, sending out the Dragon Reborn who would put the Pattern back in balance.


Hope that helps.  If you need a more detailed explanation, look here.

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