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The amazing Ishy


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I don’t really remember how I first met Ishy. It must have been through mafia, although I can’t recall which game or where. What I do remember is getting to watch this player who had mad skills. Being that my mafia skills are about average, I started looking up to him early on. Another thing that made him stand out was drunk mafia. If he didn’t invent it, he certainly brought it to a whole new level. It was always a lot of fun to watch. And Ishy plays better drunk than he does sober, which is kind of scary, when you think about it.


Over time, we got to know each other better, and I came to appreciate his flirtiness and his amazing sense of humor. I’m always up for a good flirt, as most of my friends will attest to. But more importantly, when I’m having a bad day, Ishy can always make me laugh and make it a little bit better.


Earlier this year, we began to PM regularly. I started looking forward to his Friday night drunken PMs. I never knew what Ishy was going to say, but it was always entertaining.  The playful side of Ishy was the first I came to know, and I treasure that side of him. I wanted to get to know him better, but I didn’t believe that someone as popular as he would want to get to know me. So, I just enjoyed what there was and left it alone.


And then he began to let me in…


What I discovered was that underneath the playfulness was a man with a heart of gold. He is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. I’m nice because I’m Staff here. I have to be. I don’t always want to be. He is nice because he genuinely cares about people. And another thing I came to know is that his integrity matters to him – something I really admire in a person, as mine matters to me, too. He has a strong sense of values and lives by them.


Does Ishy make mistakes? Of course, but I’ve watched him go out of his way to right a wrong he felt he committed. I know what that cost him, but he had to do it. That’s just the kind of man he is.



Everybody has things about them that we might not like as much as some of the other things about them. It has been really hard for me to think of what to say here. There isn’t much about this man that I don’t like. The thing I probably like least about Ishy is that he wears a mask. The person you meet isn’t all there is to him. He hides who he is from the world and only lets those closest to him see the amazing man underneath the mask. I don’t think he knows just how amazing. But I do see why he needs to do this, so I understand and don’t judge. The mask (his sense of humor) draws people to him, so in a way, it’s a good thing.


I’m sure by now I have thoroughly embarrassed Ishy, but every single word of this is how I see him. I can’t wait until I hold his mind trap and I will be proud to be bonded to him. 

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