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Approved Band Bio- Jeral Ahan: CC'd by WT


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Your Handle: Sherper


Name (First and Last) of this character: Jeral Ahan (Ahan pronounced with long ‘A’)


Age of this character: 17


Name of country where this character is from: Tear




Physical Appearance


Hair: Jet Black Hair cut short with a belt knife.


Eyes: Grey blue


Height: 5’6’’


Weight: 120Ibs


Skin: Olive skinned but rather fair in texture.


Build: Short and skinny, quick and agile but not very well built.


Notable features: Bit scrawny, with rather thin arms and wrists.


Primary Weapon: Hunting Bow (At least at the start),


Secondary Weapon: Wooden Cudgel and heavy belt knife.


Preferred Division: Scout/ Archers.




Special Skills:


- Fine tracking skills.


-Understands the basics of how to defend himself with Cudgel and knife.


-Has a tendency to wiggle his way out of tight spots (and responsibilities).




Knowledge Weakness:


-Doesn’t know how to read.


Physical Weakness:


-Gets carried like a leaf when man-handled.


-Can not be allowed near alcohol... ever.




Personality weakness:


-Distrustful of people in general.


-Usually only willing to work for himself.


-Hates being told what to do.


-Usually very inward.






Jeral has a very inward persona, it is not that he doesn’t want to trust people but because he


simply couldn’t. He is shy and would avoid confrontation whenever possible, but refuses


to abide by rules when forcefully enforced on him. He might not be able to read, but he


understands the importance of reading people. First impressions are usually important and


on rare occasions when Jeral isn’t being particularly moody or unreasonable, he can make


a rather accurate assessment of other personalities. He can also has a very convincing poker


face .






Born to one of the trading towns up the River Erinin and away from tear, Jeral never had a


father to guide him along the road to manhood. His mother did odd jobs around the town,


often serving a couple nights as a Tavern maid, or offering to do people’s laundry. He also


had a sister, Mirala who was two years his senior, but did not quite resemble him apart from


having the same eye colour. Jeral’s family lived with few worldly possessions but were able


to make a living thanks to the town’s relative prosperity.


One day, Jeral’s sister fell very sick and grew incredibly weak, unable to get up from bed.


She had a fever that refuse to break for days, even the town healer didn’t know what to do


about her. But on the seventh day, when all seemed to be lost, Mirala miraculously recovered


as if nothing had happened. The fever had simply broken without warning, and she was back


to normal again. With one difference... she could channel.


With the laws in tear forbidding channelling of any kind, as well as the superstition amongst


the ordinary town folk, the Ahan family decided to move into the nearby forest of Haddon


Mirk, where they built a cabin and lived by cultivating the land. Barely a lad of thirteen,


Jeral learned how to hunt and forage from the nearby forest, whilst Mirala and his mother


attempted to grow vegetables and other produce by clearing away the forest.


It was during this time he grew familiar with tracking animals; rabbits, foxes and other


small game were easily brought down by a shaft from his hunting bow, and they made a


welcome addition to the family meal table. Three years passed this way, with the small cabin


eventually turning into a decently sized farmhouse. Bit by bit, Mirala learned to control her


abilities with the one power, though she often complained she could only channel when she


was in some degree of pain. The Ahan family were contempt and happy for those few years;


they were pulling their own weight and were eating better than they had ever before. Ahan


enjoyed the forest, but he often wondered what the wider world was like.


Their lives would once again be disturbed when one day, two Aes Sedai came to visit the


small farmhouse and discovered Mirala could channel. Too afraid to go against Aes Sedai


wishes, Jeral and his mother watched as Mirala was carried away to be trained as a novice in


the White Tower. Shortly after his sister left, Jeral’s mother fell incredibly ill and without the


town healer there to see to her, she died leaving Jeral behind.


Left to fend for himself, Jeral finally decided he would travel the world and see what it had


to offer. Living off the land like he always did, he sold animal hides and fur to peddlers


and merchants, earning just enough to keep food in his belly. When there weren’t any food


about, he would resort to stealing. He grew accustomed to sneaking into farmer’s stables and


learned the importance of self defence and awareness of his surroundings. He never stayed


long enough for the local authorities to become suspicious of his activities, and was well on


his way to the next town or village (Often with a few extra silver coins in his pocket), before


the watch could catch on.


But despite his cautious nature and care when committing any crimes, Jeral still saw his fair


share of the inside of a cell. On one occasion, he was given the choice to either stay in prison


or serve in one of the border lord’s armies. After hurriedly agreeing to the terms, Jeral just as


hurriedly deserted once given the opportunity.


These types of shenanigans went on for the better part of a year, until one day Jeral ran into


the band of the red hand, in the middle of poaching near their citadel. This would mark


the beginning of Jeral’s story in the Band, though he is rather reluctant to participate in


the beginning.

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Jeral Ahan Index


Arrivals (Hunter or Prey): Link


Jeral Ahan, a 17 year old poacher finds himself confronted by strangely armed men whilst hunting in the Two Rivers. Little did he know, he has accidentally stumbled upon the Band of The Red Hand, who are not too happy seeing him steal game from their land. Despite years of experience on the run from man hunters and the like - Jeral soon finds himself dealing with more than he could handle.



Weapons Sparing (The Joys of Sparring): Link


Having been practically forced into service by the Band of the Red Hand, Jeral decides to take out his anger on the man who caught him in the first place. Upon hearing news of a practise sparring session, he leaps at the opportunity to bash Arkin's skull in, and eagerly signs up for the class. Head strong and stubborn, Jeral learns his life lessons the hard way.



BotRH supply gathering RP (Man Vs. Bear): Link (Work in progress)


With the flood in the lowlands, weekly supply carts to the citadel had to be temporarily halted, which meant no meat or Kaf in the camps. Furious and determined to do something about it - a few members from the Band set out to the nearby woods to catch a few game in order to compliment their otherwise bland meals. Little did they expect however, that a gentle walk in the woods could turn into one of the most daring rescue Ops they could ever hope to perform.



Introduction to a fresh face (Haral joins the Band): Link


Arinth calls upon a few of the members from the Band to ride forth to Caemlyn, where some special supplies need to be escorted back to the Citadel. Once they reached the city however, the terrible weather forces the small party to find shelter at an Inn, where they decide to take rooms for the night. There they meet a peculiar stranger. 


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