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Here we are for another Tainted Times. Kids are going back to school, Summer holidays are ended and Autumn will soon be here. Not forgetting our lovely friends down-under, who will now be finishing with winter and looking forward to blossom in the trees, and lambs in the fields as Spring is on it's way. 
Before we look ahead, lets have a quick look at what has been going on and may still be going on in the BT, before those leaves begin to fall. 



New members:

 No new members, all those potential BTers were off surfing or sun bathing somewhere else I think. 


However we did have a couple of oldies return:

MCS and thesheepnoob66 - Welcome back, and don't forget I like chocolate, like to be given chocolate regularly...
We have had two promotions
Soldier: Csarmi
Dedicated: Millon


PS...CS joined the Light, great chap you know :wink:


Now down to what has been going on. 

Events/Active Threads:
The Aiel visited us on their raiding tour (in fact they still might be here, maybe more brownies are required to keep them here longer). Below are the threads if you would like to pop in and say hi, before they disappear off. thank you guys for dropping by, The Aiel are always welcome, especially if they bring some more of that Osequiuooossethingy, rather nice!


 Aiel Invastion - Social Spam  and Fiction Hallucinations.
The topic for discussion this month was: Dress codes. Tina did a grand job of starting this thread, but a few more could have popped in, though there was some interesting thoughts on wearing school uniform, which reminds, we wanted to do a dress up day at work but the boss wouldn't allow a "school uniform" day...I think he was worried about what the lads would wear, may not go down when in meetings in a gym slip!
Des modded a wonderful mafia game (we do have a lot of wonderful games here you know!). what a great surprise, the Mafia were crushed by the town, great Stuff, so go here for a quick read: Despothera´s House of the Undead Mafia
Tina thought the faction boards (which are private - so you need to join to see them....hint, hint!)) were a little quiet. I personally think she was bored and wanted a little fun! anyway, she brought along little Tubby, one of her baby Trollocs and he asked us questions. If you answered it correctly he hopped along to the other faction. It was great fun (especially for Tina and Tubby, probably his mother too). The participation was very high, and so Tubby was trotting back and forth between factions. Tina had already set up times when Tubby gets angry (she can work that out because she is very clever). So wherever tubby was at the deadline, he got angry and the other faction won a point. It was a great success even if the shadow faction did win, congrats to them. hopefully we will see Tubby again soon, although, Tina will need some R&R after all that backwards and forwards.
Tina also modded Silly Stories. which again was on a Private board. It´s where you send in sentences and I combined them into different silly stories. 
For those lucky enough to ba Asha'man and above, there is a private board. Tina, in her great wisdom, decided to spruce it up and does a monthly challenge for us, August was sudoku
There were spam threads of course. AH asked for Creative Ways to Eliminate Your Ex, MCS started The official Black Tower Doctor Who fan thread and I posted a lot of gifs to express my love for my new dishwasher - Tina <3 dishwasher. AH style
We celebrated unusually many birthdays with a lot of cakes and tainted brownies. 
Ithi has twittered a few times from our BT account. All Black Tower members that follow our Twitter gets points. 
Ongoing Events:
100,000 Thread: We have reached our goal - 100.000 posts in one thread!!! It has now evolved into a 200.000 thread. As I write this we have 195.115  posts!

100 Questions (Private Board) - A person is asked 100 questions by a team effort of BT'ers with all participants getting points.

One Power Battles (Private Boards) - we have a lot of battles going on right now.
Of course there is the Tainted times, for a bit of light reading. (any persons wishing to submit pictures, art, poems, funny stories, jokes etc may do so to me)


So at last to the furture:
Coming in September:
We will write new silly stories.
Another Mafia game, this time, step through the portal and see the galaxy, as I'm doing a Stargate SG themed game, but you need to sign up, so if you don't click on anything else in this thread, at least click here:  Talya´s Stargate SG1 Mafia Game 
The asha´man challenge is a wikipedia link journey. Tina admits stealing this idea from Player who used it as a part of his Amacing Race in Shayol Ghul. 

instead of a monthly discussion, it has been decided to bring back the Shockwave competition, details to follow shortly. 
As we look forward to October there is the BT Theme week, This time the theme is The TAINT...something great to look forward to whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night!


A few jokes to make you smile (or groan).


A couple goes to an art gallery. They find a picture of a naked women with only her privates covered with leaves. The wife doesn't like it and moves on but the husband keeps looking. The wife asks: "What are you waiting for?" The husband replies: "Autumn." 

If money did grow on trees, autumn would be the best season ever! 

Q: How does an Elephant get out of a tree?

A: Sits on a leaf and waits till Autumn! 



Q. How you mend a broken pumpkin?
A. With a pumpkin patch!


(You see that's what happens when you don't give me some material...lol)


LOOK OUT FOR THE TAINTED TIMES NEXT MONTH, THEME - HALLOWEEN (have you made or worn some great halloween costumes, the more gruesome the better, or some jokes, or you do some arts and crafts and want to show them off....here is you chance. Just PM me by the end of September (I'm sure I can find some points for you)


That's all folks.....


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