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Welcome!!! So, you have read "Eye of the World." I was hooked after 3 chapters. What a journey it was. I'm kind of envious because there is nothing like reading the series for the first time. I found it about 3 years ago.


Since you are only one book in, I would definitely stay away from the discussion forums so you don't get the rest of the series spoiled and in bits and pieces and avoid the role play area as I know they are farther than the first book.


That leaves the social groups and there is good company to be had. I spend most of my time in the White Tower and Warders and you will see other groups as well, each with their own focus. You can join as many as you like. Spend some time wandering around and if you have any questions or need help, just ask.

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What Ryrin said about avoiding the discussion boards for a bit - there will be major spoilers there for you!


And maybe only peek into the social groups as you come to recognise them from the books, there will be only minor spoilers, but sometimes just the info bits can give spoilers!


How are you enjoying the first book?

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