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Parody of Fantasy Books


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Are there any fantasy books out there that are parodies along the same vein as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? It would be so easy to make fun of all the fantasy tropes/themes etc. 


Especially if someone decided to add some realism to the fact that all powerful wizards/artifacts would likely lead to the death and destruction and enslavement of entire continents...  Or that if dragons/monsters/crazy magic actually existed, life would be so chaotic that no form of civilization would ever develop haha!  Or that other races/beings would likely kill off competing races/beings to monopolize resources, not co-exist with them!

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Only the first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, is a parody of fantasy. The rest is the use of fantasy for satire, but usually of politics, technology etc and other real-world issues.


The best and most famous major parody of epic fantasy as a form is Diana Wynn Jones's brilliant Tough Guide to Fantasyland, which takes the form of a primer for tourists visiting a poorly-thought-out fantasy world. Highlights include horses that breed through pollination and have no independent thought of their own, working instead like taxis.


Adam Roberts has written several parodies of Tolkien's work, such as The Sellamillion and The Soddit.

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