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  1. The BOND bracelets give me chills. Awesome, awesome. I find the origins of potential ter'angreal fascinating! I imagine the first makers of the Objects of the Power were very scientifically minded.
  2. Ishamael had a point. The whole concept of the wheel is kind of existential.
  3. A hahahahaha! The Vitruvian Man butt in the moonlight cover is hilarious.
  4. There's some controversy regarding whether we (2014) live in the 7th or 1st Age. Indeed those stories are from the Ages before the Age of Legends, but that does not mean they come from First Age. See the following quote. (reference above quote) --> http://www.sevenspokes.com/chronology/1st.html There's hints in the RJ interview database that the Age of Legends began with the rediscovery of channeling, though not said out right. Reference the week 18 question found here: http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=6 t's unlikely that we are on the cusp of building/discovering Portal Stones any time soon, but if they exist from the age before the age of legends, they must have been built by channelers, yet channeling isn't discovered until the end of the 1st age...? So, all taken together, I can see the arguments that we could be in either age. I think it's just ambiguous enough that we can't say with 100% certainty whether our current year 2014 is meant to be in 7th or the 1st age, sadly. (Personally I think 2014 is in the 7th Age).
  5. There's a little bit of contradiction regarding whether the time we currently live in (presently 2014) is the 7th or 1st age. RJ also said that the ending of an Age doesn't necessarily have to be in gigantic war, but it is definitely dramatic. We can only speculate how the 4th-6th Ages end (or will end). So what I proposed, was that the 7th Age is the "Age of Industry" when mankind becomes reliant on technology in the absence of channeling, and so the Wheel drives the need for the resurgence of channelers and pushes the scales back the other way. To force the world to rely on channelers rather than technology so to eventually return to the harmonious balance of both in the idyllic Age of Legends. What forces the transition between 7th and 1st Ages? Probably the nuclear war reference in the "Lances of Fire" wielded by Mosk and Merk. At least, that's my interpretation of events. We can't truly know for certain, and there could be alternate endings to Ages in subsequent turnings of the Wheel.
  6. I poked around the interwebz to try and figure out when Jethari lived and the Buchaner Rebellion took place, but could only deduce it was during the 3rd Age during this turning of the Wheel (their story being popular around 900 NE in Caemlyn, though is since forgotten by 999 NE). You're right, Gaidal definitely calls her Birgitte and not any of her other known names: Jethari, Maerion, etc. So, yeaahhh, kind of renders that logic moot... Maybe she just prefers the name Birgitte? Or, compared to a channeler's lifespan who would be spun out less frequently, if the TAR peeps only referred to her by her most recent incarnation, they'd be changing her name all the time! Kind of like changing your password every 60 days? Sounds bloody annoying. haha.
  7. Like Suttree quoted above, there are some nice interview databases out there that are invaluable for questions like this. For instance, from these sources we know that a soul can be reborn more than once per age. Birgitte's soul is more likely to be reborn more often because she has a shorter life span compared to a channeler. Furthermore, that souls have regular after lives. For Rand's soul, the answer to an interview question said that the heroes' souls spend time in tel'aran'rhiod between lives: We also know that a soul can be reborn in other ages other than the same one with each turning of the Wheel. RJ stated that if Rand's soul was reborn in another age that is not the 3rd Age, he does not necessarily have to be the Dragon Reborn. If that makes sense.
  8. I'd surmise that much of the technology observed in the Age of Legends was due to spinoffs of the One Power (broadcast energy sources, standing flows, etc) rather than a technological society based on electricity. Compare glowbulbs to battery powered flashlights, for instance. Which is why I hypothesized that channeling was lost prior to the age of technology (what I call the 7th age; which featured events such as the Industrial Revolution); and out of sheer necessity, it was the loss of channeling that catalyzed the rise in its place.
  9. I am in awe of the amount of time, effort, planning and money this project took to complete. Great job guys. I look forward to reading the interview!
  10. Such a good question, and in the strictest sense, fanfiction is defined as: "fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc." I wish I knew if RJ defined fanfiction solely by the above definition, but I don't think he would view RolePlaying as falling under that category. For instance, the tabletop RPG involves playing scenes, inventing characters, and working through the world of the WoT universe. This was clearly a sanctioned activity by the estate, for which I am really grateful! Via personal communication with Brandon Sanderson (as a Storm Leader during the Gathering Storm book tour), he was made known about online play by post RP's set in the world of the WoT (specifically the White Tower). The website in particular referenced activities and characters in the books but strictly never wrote for them or discussed their actions (par what happened in the books). Brandon approved of this format, and in fact addressed the book he autographed for me to my main character (Squee!). Now I cannot speak for him, but BS has discussed the rules about fanfiction at length regarding WoT. Therefore, if play by post RP's were against the will of the RJ estate, I do not think he would have been so interested in / amenable to discussing our website, plots, characters, etc. It is with this thin interpretation of a blessing that I went on to make The First Age (a PBPRPG). Although set in the WoT universe (the Age before the Age of Legends), I am very, very particular about references in regards to the world, because I want to be as respectful as possible to The Creator's memory. Therefore, in short, fanfiction: no; tabletop RPG: yes; play-by-post RP: yes --- ? At least, I hope.
  11. I'm going to ignore the concept of evolution in WoTdom for now because that opens a whole new can of worms. hahaha. Genetically speaking humans and animals are still made up of the same genetic material with the difference in phenotypes resulting from variance in genetic expression. So it stands to reason that it'd be fairly simple ("simple") to merge two genomes and come up with a new race. That really makes sense @carnacarn, thanks for pointing that out! I was struggling with the concept of TP "creating" something, but as you said, it's more of a "merging" than anything else. The Fades!! That's an excellent point!! My understanding of them are as genetic offspring of trollocs yet the animal side of their merged genome is completely suppressed and only the human traits are expressed. So logically, if trollocs are pure blends of human + animal, Fades should be completely human. However, they clearly are not. They have powers reminiscent of the Dark One himself - (Aginor's comment of them being "slightly out of phase with reality", the cloaks not billowing in the wind, disappearing in shadow, powers without being able to channel, etc, etc. The difference between a regular human and the human genome in a Fade has to be attributed to the True Power/Dark One's touch. However, what are the genetics of that? I've read some people explain it as they inherit the channeling gene, but I'm not quite on board with that theory, as they don't use the One Power. Second, they are always male. So either something is special about the male sex-linked traits that allow Fades to come into being OR the female genome is incompatible with life and the fetuses miscarry/die shortly after birth. Following the logical progression of questions here, if Fades are representations of throwbacks to the human stock, what about throwbacks to the pure animal stock?? I don't recall ever hearing about such creatures, but it would be interesting to know if these "pure animals" have special abilities which differentiates them from the original, regular animals AND if they are only ever female. ((Edit: I wizened up and consulted the google and remembered the animal throwbacks are stillborn. Dang. LOL.))
  12. If the TP is involved, given its nasty little habit of shredding anything and everything it touches, it seems counterintuitive to use it to create a new race. Unless by usage of that "new race" comes about by removing features from current races. Not sure if that makes sense. Haha.
  13. True Power! Even better! There has to be something extra special to DNA rearranging when the DO gets in on the game.
  14. I know the concept of genetics in WoT abilities has come around (and around and around....) many times before. Example: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/34770-the-genetic-theory-of-channeling/ But it's been a goodly number of years since it was rehashed, and there are new concepts to discuss, such as proteomics, transcriptomics, and psychogenomics (the latter of which I could see evolving into a study of the soul, or manifestation of innate behavior, emotion, and personality). Not to mention the genetics of other things WoTdom. In regards to channeling, the consensus seems to agree that the learners & sparkers are sex-linked traits due to gender being the basis for the connection to saidar vs saidin. As brought up before, there are some merits to channeling being a sex-linked trait. If anything, I would suggest that the sparker and learner gene is elsewhere than a sex chromosome (see the Aran'gar argument) and the half of the source the individual touches is determined by sex-linked gene control of promotor regions of the "channeling gene" which induces transcription/translation of one of two isoforms (the result being able to sense saidin vs saidar). But that's the either/or theory, and still doesn't quite explain a female being able to sense saidin or vice versa. But what about the genetics of other WoT abilities? Min? Perrin? What about the shadowspawn created in the War of Power? Aginor used techniques of genetic engineering to construct animal/human hyrbids. But he used the One Power to do so. MIND BLOWING! What's the science of rearranging a genome with the One Power???? How do you explain that? (I'm totally not picturing him standing over a plate of stem cells forcing homologous recombination, inducing strand breaks and NHEJ - hahaha). Anyways, thoughts???
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