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film score composer KO


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So it's a standard Knockout tournament


With one exception the first round will be to decide the best music from a composer, after that they'll go head to head...  This is for the entire soundtrack (in LotR case, all 3), so feel free to post more videos if you think it will help your favorites get through.


1. Zulu - John Barry

2. Pan's Labyrinth - Javier Navarrete



3. American Beauty - Thomas Newman

4. The Shawshank Redemption - Thomas Newman




5. Lord of the Rings - Howard Shore

6. The Hobbit - Howard Shore




7. Atonement - Dario Marianelli

8. Pride & Prejudice - Dario Marianelli



9. Apollo 13 - James Horner

9.5 Star Trek II  James Horner (by request)

10. Aliens - James Horner




11. Inception - Hans Zimmer

12. Gladiator - Hand Zimmer



13. Jaws - John Williams

14. E.T. - John Williams





15. Star Wars - John Williams

16. Indiana Jones - John Williams






Just post with your favorite and the theme music with the most votes will go through to the next round.


And yes, the nasty choices were on purpose because I'm just that mean :)




ROUND 1 winners, bolded, Round 1 losers striked out

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So I'm voting:


Zulu - although I love Pans Labyrinth, the music for Zulu is brilliant


American Beauty


Lord of the Rings - by a whisker


Atonement - I like the discordant sound of the music


Aliens - but only because of the Alien noise (not sure how to describe it)


Inception Gladiator


Jaws - duh duh, duh duh...


Star Wars - but I do really like both

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Here's my vote then..


Pan's Labyrinth: 'cause I have a weak spot for the use of a voice in songs in that way,


The Shawshank Redemption


Lord of The Rings: Quite a close call on that one


Atonement: To be honest, the other one was a bit too boring. This one was interesting


Aliens: Just so eerie and fits the movie so great.


Gladiator: Another voice in the theme song ;)


Jaws: Of course...it's a classic :)


Star Wars: But...woow, two really classic theme songs. If I could I'd choose them both.

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That's why they were against each other :) 


Same with LotR and the Hobbit.


Yup, Atonement was one of the easier choices, I found Pans and Zulu pretty hard, I do love Pans - it's arguably my favorite film, but, Zulu, also brilliant.

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There's something wrong with this picture. You're clearly confusing Aliens, the sequel, with Alien, the original. Horner only did the music for the sequel. And his work on Aliens and Apollo 13 are both inferior to his film score for Star Trek II, which seems unjustly left off here.... all the more so since a great deal of the Aliens music is just a repetition of what he already did for Star Trek.


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Since I've only seen some of the movies, it made some of the choices a bit easier :)

Actually. the hobbit movie I was a bit surprised...it was better than I thought..and I haven't even read the books. hihi


Pan I've thought about seeing just never got to it for some reason. My brother even recommended it to me.

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The Hobbit was worse than I was expecting/hoping for, but I was expecting a lot after LotR *shrugs*


I can't recommend Pans enough (assuming you're over 15 anyway :) )

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Hehe!!! Yeah, I think a lot of people had super high hopes for the hobbit :)

Oh, yeah..I'm way over 15 actually hihi I'm 27 so and I don't get scared easily...and usually with special effecs I know its not real ;)

But I don't watch horro movies, because I've smply never understood why people would want to get scared.


I watch movies for laughs, entertainment, suspense, good stories, interesting characters, and new worlds. Such things.

But we're all different which is good :)

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Oh wow, this topic did not come up while I am super busy...I cannot leave this alone. You people couldn't have waited a week for me to be around for this!!!


There are so many amazing soundtracks and composers that are not on this list!!! Rawr!!!!!


Most of the composers I like are on there though so I guess that helps...but Schindler's List!! Gabriel's Oboe!!! Pirates of the Caribbean!!! Amelie!!! Chariots of Fire!!! Harry Potter even XD  


Patrick Doyle, Yann Tiersen, Ennio Morricone, Alexandre DeSplat, ALAN MENKEN!!!! They all ought to be on there as well.   :(    Michael Nyman I would say should go on for the Piano, but that's the only thing of his that I know...so not as fussed about that XD Oh, and Craig Armstrong for Love Actually as well…


Ok, I'll shut up now XD


Having said that, those are all awesome options...hmm, decisions...


Pan’s Labyrinth-because I’m a sucker for creepy stuff in minor keys with plenty of strings and piano  :p So simplistic in style, for whole idea of a lullaby but so epic and awesome!!! I love it!! I really need to see this film XD


Jeez, American Beauty vs. Shawshank…that’s really hard, oh wow…ahh…American Beauty is soooo beautiful. Just…o3boewrube…so nice XD But Shawshank is soooooo heart-wrenching…and cello! And timpani!! Gah!!!  Ahhhh…if it was which one would I rather play, it would be Shawshank…so, I guess I’ll go with that. Shawshank Redemption it is, but I feel like I’m betraying American Beauty by saying that   :’(


Lord of the Rings. Both of these scores are absolutely outstandingly amazing, probably my favourite scores I’ve ever come across, but the full Hobbit scores haven’t come out yet and I’ve been loving and analysing and hearing and swooning and writing and working and stressing and crying and all that to LotR for too many years  now. Besides, half of the themes in the Hobbit are taken or developed from LotR anyway…but I do so love that Misty Mountains theme…and it’s really awesomely woven throughout the film, it’s amazing   :p


Atonement mainly because I really love the typewriter being used as percussion. It’s just clever and innovative and it’s over the top of an awesome theme.


James Horner, hey? I vote Jumanji, Cocoon, Titanic, the Grinch, Troy, Boy In Striped Pyjamas and Zorro   Seriously, this guy is awesome. I love all his scores, he’s scored several of my favourite films and I recently got to play the song that he composed that starts, that Tina Arena sings over the credits of Zorro, with Tina Arena XD Aww yeah. 


Have some Zorro and more James Horner awesomeness everyone!!!  *is resisting posting clips of heaps of Horner scores*



*nodnod*  Failing them, Apollo 13, because it’s amazing.


Hans Zimmer…seriously, you’re gonna give me a complex with Horner and then go straight onto Hans Zimmer!!! Are you trying to kill me?!?!  Also, haven’t seen Gladiator…need to rectify that…


Ok, first things first, here’s his other stuff that I absolutely love, and you are getting clips for these: Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m aware he didn’t write the main themes in the first film, Klaus Badelt did, and they’re awesome, but Hans Zimmer wrote my favourite themes in the third film:




This is one of my favourites from that series of films…so epic and amazing. It’s rather similar to the Inception track, in fact…my favourite bit starts around three minutes in…3:10 ish...so amazing and heart-wrenching


Then the Sherlock Holmes theme, from the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law films. It’s so funny and perfect.   :p




Aaaand, because I know Dice would shoot me if I didn’t mention it, for the sake of the Sarms:



King Arthur-rather similar to the Gladiator track in some ways…


And last one, I promise, and one that will grant me instant happiness when and wherever I am, his soundtrack to The Holiday:



Out of those two, however, Inception. It’s so epic and so stereotypically Hans Zimmer. It makes me happy, in the special depressing musical way XD


Moving on!!


To John Williams…ok, I really am going to die.


Ok, Jaws, ET, Indianna Jones, Star Wars…right. Good group. Out of the first two, I’ll say Jaws, because the effect that track has had is amaaaaazing XD   And then Star Wars, because, come on, it’s Star Wars.


But for my John Williams rant:


Home Alone, Hook, SCHINDLER’S LIST, Superman, Harry Potter, well, the first few anyway, man there’s so much that guy wrote. I don’t even like him as much as a lot of other composers, but gee, he’s prolific, and he wrote Schindler’s List, so he has my eternal love and gratitude. And clips:




And just cause I really like this one:





And Schindler’s List because it is one of the most unbelievably beautiful and soul-shattering pieces ever aaaaaaaaaand it’s played by Itzhak Perlman:



Running away from John Williams before I cry too much…


Right, ok, I’m gonna make a separate post full of videos of the people I really wish were on here just because they’re amazing.   :p


And because my ranting and blabbing and adoration for these composers has blurred my choices, here they are in a nice, neat list:


Pan’s Labyrinth


Shawshank Redemption


Lord of the Rings




Apollo 13






Star Wars

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isn't exactly a horror

film, or rather it's a cross between

horror and fantasy.  And there isn't very much violence

in it.  But that means that the violence there is stands out far more!

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at Harry Potter and

found out it was another John Williams

Gah!  I didn't want him to dominate the entire board, so

kept it to his best known four.  We could have a John Williams KO?

I do love the Piano! and the Pirates soundtrack, they can go on the next list (after JW)

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*shoves Morricone at people* Listen!!! Now!!!




Now some Yann Tiersen:






The Piano by Michael Nyman:





Craig Armstrong and Love Actually:





Patrick Doyle:


Thor, A Little Princess, Calendar Girls, the other Harry Potter films, Secondhand Lions, Eragon, Brave, Nanny McPhee...this guy has written so much awesome stuff. We should definitely throw him in somewhere to something, 'cause he's awesome.


This is a random selection of stuff from Secondhand Lions (also an underrated film, everyone go watch it :p ) 



And then Eragon and Thor because people probably know these:






As much as the film was a bit mmm, I love this score.


Now Alexandre DeSplat....he also wrote some Harry Potter music, lol, but he also wrote The King's Speech, Rise of the Guardians, Golden Compass and my personal favourite, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, but he actually wrote that with another guy called Aaron Zigman...


Have a clip anyway:



Most depressing scene, ever, but also...not...in a special way   :p



And now for Alan Menken...


Hercules, Tangled, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast...his sounds were my childhood. Seriously. If you don't know at least one of the songs in those films, I will cry.

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There's gonna be another list?!?!  Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Stick all those people I just said on it!!! Actually, no don't, cause I might die having to choose between them...uh oh... XD XD


Yeah! I've seen bits of Pan's Labyrinth, and liked them, just never managed the whole thing. I will, at some point.

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Ok, so through to round 2, video links in the first post.


Shawshank Redemption vs. Zulu


Lord of the Rings vs. Atonement (interestingly our only two that were unanimous)


Aliens vs. Gladiator


Jaws vs. Star Wars



(would be great if a staff member would edit the title to say Round 2 underway)

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My choices are:




Atonement (controversial I know, but having relistened to the soundtrack for LotR it's not sending chills up my spine like it used to)




Star Wars, but it was a tough one.

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