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Did people like the Battle Droids in the prequels?

False Dragon1991

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I didn't like the Trade Federation or the Seperatists motivations because they seemed silly but I thought the Battle Droids themselves looked pretty cool. Seeing all of the different varieties go up against Clone Troopers in Geonosis and in episode 3 was good. Plus with the likes of droidikas you got the sense of threat and although the regular battle droids were...dumb..I kinda thought that was cute and okay for Star Wars. Like in New Hope with how dumb the stormtroopers actually are and behave "Close the blast doors! Open the blast doors!".


What did other people think of them?



ps. On a related note. I am really curious about who the antagonists are going to be in episode 7. I'd still want them to keep Sith but I think doing the Imperial Remnant would lack the threat and detract too much from the resolution of Return of the Jedi. Although it would destroy expanded universe canon I would love if they made the Mandalorians the main antagonists with Sith in the background (a bit like the whole Exar Kun thing). 

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