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Salutations (that means greeting):

Rob Hammers

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Well I began WoT 18 months ago.   I picked EoW and really struggled to get through it for some reason.  Once I got to the end, I was hooked.  I have just finished ToM, and I must say I am somewhat melancholy about beginning MoL.  


I am, however, excited to soon be able to talk about the series and analyze the thrill it has been for me to read one of the best epic stories ever written.  So, with that being said, hello Dragonmount.


Ghettoe, Monarch of the Thieves of Enlightenment MMORPG Guild

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Welcome to DM!!! I started the series about 3 years ago. You are not alone. I struggled through the first chapters of EotW but then got totally hooked as well. The book discussion areas are great! Take a look as well at the social groups especially the White Tower and Warders. You need any help or have any questions we are here, just ask.

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