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Does anyone know the Winnetou/Old Shatterhand movies???

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Apart from Matty and me.... I know they're German made and I think they pretty much stayed in German cinema, but I'm curious as to whether they got dubbed into other languages.


I mean, Lex Barker (Old Shatterhand) was American and he played all his parts in English, which was later voiceover'd XD

Ya never know...

Anyhoo, I'm on a nostalgic splurge :P My parents were raised on these books and movies, and they passed that on to us kids, and I love love loooooove these movies and wanted to share <3



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Guest PiotrekS

We used to watch those movies in Poland back in the days, though I have to confess that Winnetou speaking  German didn't sound quite right to me :wink:  The movies themselves were quite nice.

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  • Community Administrator

What do they even call German Western/cowboy movies?? Italian ones are Spaghetti Westerns...




The term Eurowesterns may be used to also include Western movies that were produced in Europe but not called Spaghetti Westerns, like the West German Winnetou films or Ostern Westerns.


Googled it quick and  found your answer. :tongue:

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