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Craigslist/Ebay event ... Shayol Ghul Personals

Moon Sedai

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So, one of the most amusing things about Craigs list is how grossly people will debase themselves on the site to find a mate.


Much like some of the people in SG, some of these people just can't seem to make a good connection in real life.


I really wanna feel bad for them, but no.

In true SG style, I want to mock them .

I want you guys to go out and bring me personal ads.

Nothing that breaks the pg-13 rule.


Here's what I want.

Find me Hax.

Find me Barm.

Find me Verb.

Find me any number of other people who either ARE members of Shayol Ghul or SHOULD BE members of Shayol Ghul in the Craigslist personals.

Points will be rewarded for:

Creepiest person

Most likely to be a real SG member

Most likely to Attract a myrddraal

Most likely to be one of the Chosen (book chosen, not DM)

Most likely to be a Green Ajah in Disguise. ^^

and any other number of categories that i make up.

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Not sure who this would fit.. but it was sort of odd to me...


I am a friendly laid-back guy white fit guy, professional and articulate. Average height and weight and in good shape. Not looking to date. Not looking for a girlfriend. Not looking for a bootycall. Not looking for "someone to go out and do things with." I have a social life and I have a circle of friends, who probably wouldn't understand this CL thing. I AM looking for some physical intimacy, like hanging out with my arm around you or laying in your lap; maybe giving you back massages or footrubs occasionally at lunchtime, at your place or mine. That's it. I know this ad sounds strange but I'm really just looking for someone to hang with that can touch me and be touched in a non-intercourse kind of way. Any (18+) age, background and ethnicity OK - all I ask is that you respect yourself. IF interested get back to me; thanks.



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I found this one a little... .Disturbing




 Who Seduces Fortuna? - w4m - 36 Who seduces Fortuna? 
Macchiavelli has a concept called Fortuna. He portrays Fortuna as a whimsical woman, bestowing and then taking away her graces. A Prince, a Ruler, a Man, cannot lead/succeed without her. Want to know what seduces her? Want to know what keeps her interest, her attention, her longing? 

I am do not seeking a casual encounter or a life partner. I am seeking the seduction of linguistics, engaging discourse, the barter of concepts, thoughts, and ideas. 

I do seek someone with strength and self reliance. That brashness that comes with Confidence. 

I am height weight proportionate.
I am polite. 
I have been called attractive. Personally, I think attraction/beauty is relative and subjective. 
I am well traveled. 
I am well read.
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