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Breaking into the rhythm, atn Aekold

Visar Falmaien

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(Ooc: this takes place just after Aek's meeting with the Master at Arms)


Visar walked with a hint less of Warerly grace after meeting the new Master at Arms. He had made a horrible first impression, he was sure, and something about the way her single eyebrow raised irritated him so!


He did his best to conceal his frustrated feelings, but he was no Aes Sedai.


"Come, Aekold, I'll show you around. I'll show you your room first, so you can put up your belongings. Don't worry about them being misplaced or stolen; trust me, you don't want to know what we do with thieves here," he said with a grim smile. There was a reason Tar Valon had one of the lowest crime rates, though even the Aes Sedai could not help all parts of the city. Squalor from the embattled times, and refugees overflowing from the north and south made even the Shining Walls a dangerous place. It was good that the Tower Guard always had positions open for those qualified, though only about one in four trainees ever made it that far. Most were not disciplined enough. But at least thievery was very rare.


They went to the low' squat barracks complex, an ugly gray next to the splendor of the Tower. It suited its purpose just fine and didn't have to look pretty.


"This is the barracks, where you will live as a trainee and as a Guard should you earn your rank. And make no mistake," he snapped, his disgruntled frame of mind making him harsher than usual. "You get what you earn here from blood and sweat. Who you were before and what your skill with a blade is doesn't matter as much as your work ethic. And persistence. You need that," Visar looked over and regretted his words. It looked like he had offended the Borderlander's honor again. He continue more sympathetically,

"I know your honor is important to you. Of course you'll work hard; I don't doubt it. but you'll do it from your heart, man," Visar thumped the man's chest. Also probably something that would cost him his head in Shienar. How had he survived up there with the Kalduns?? "Most men think of honor they think of honor from tradition, or honor of the mind. Trying to save you a lot of pain, lad. That kind of honor won't work as well here."


Visar wondered if he was getting through to him. Why was he even trying? Because he cared, deep down he did. He talked with the barracks warden briefly to run by the new arrival.


"I believe you have your barracks assignment, Aekold? The warden here will show you where; I'm afraid he'd be better and faster than I. If you need to try the bed out a little I don't mind," Visar added with a knowing wink. The man looked to be tired. "I'll be waiting for you to show you the rest so don't be too long."


Visar waited outside for Aekold to get settled. He was not the man's wet nurse so no, he wasn't going to tuck the man in. That would likely be the last straw to offending the young man's honor, Visar suspected. He waited outside, perfectly content to do nothing for a while but reminisce. You got used to waiting a long time for other people at this place.


-Visar Falmaien, next stop mess hall or armory.

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