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Greetings and salutations!


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Hello everyone!  I figured it was long past time I join this board instead of simply lurking in the shadows.


I have been reading the Wheel of Time series since 2002, when my college English teacher dropped the third book on my desk with the words, "Read this.  Rand sounds like a male version of your story's main character."


You see, I had entrusted her with the first few chapters of a story I had been writing for many years.  I was shocked that one of my characters might be treading on copyright sacred ground, so I took the book home and read it in a single, sleepless weekend.  Happily, Rand shared only a few physical attributes and the curse of being part of a major prophcy with my humble character...and certain abilities that led to the restructuing of my entire world's magic system.  **sighs**  I reported as much to the teacher the following class period before lamenting her choice of starting me on a new series three books in, and asking politely for access to the other books.


While I claimed reading the rest of the series was simply research to avoid blindly stepping on Robert Jordan's copyrights, my teacher saw the truth of the matter.  So, she strung me along until the end of the semester.  At the end of my final class as her student, she held me back after class and came up to my desk with a wrapped box. She told me to open it.  As I was removing the ribbon she said, "Belated happy birthday.  It isn't proper to give gifts to students, but since you aren't my student anymore consider this a gift from one fantasy reader to another."


Inside the box were the first three books to the Wheel of Time.


I thanked her then as I thank her now for intruducing me to a wonderful series.  By the time Crossroads of Twilight came out in 2003, I had read the entire series from start to finish (with several books re-read so many times pages slipped haphazzardly from bindings worn thin as rice paper).  Now, here I am just over a decade later having finished the final book a short while back, and I am not ready to let go.  So, here I am.


Hello everyone!

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Hello and welcome!!!  I started reading the series about two years ago.  Fantasy was not my genre but I read EoTW as part of my book club and I was hooked.  The discussion threads are fun but I'd urge you to take a look at the social groups.... just jump right in.   :smile:

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Hello Elynde! Welcome to DM! What a wonderful story and you tell it so well. My story is not as interesting but I'll share it anyway. :). I can't remember the exact year I stared but it was before 2002 but after 1998. I went to B & N with my sister during lunch (we used to work together and traveled locally for work). I was lloking for a new series and picked up EotW and decided to try it. I remember getting out to the car and reading the back summary and telling my sister that it sounded just like another series I had read. I won't embarass myself by telling you which series. LOL. I couldn't have been further from the truth. I started reading the rest of the series and finally caught up and had to wait for Winter's Heart (I think) . I will admit and no one hurt me ;) that I haven't read the last 3 books yet. Ahh. Blasphemy!!! I'll get there, one of these days!! So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I have a feeling you will do well in the RP boards. ;). You should definately pop into the Social Groups too. Hope to see you around the groups.

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