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Approved CoL Bio for Damon Shinin - CC by BT


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DM Handle: Aekold

Name: Damon Shinnin
Age: 42
Nationality: Amadician
Rank: Captain

Division: Army of the Light


Appearance: Standing at the height of six feet, and of muscular build Damon has an intimidating presence. With a scar down the left side of his face just missing the eye, received in the fighting at the beginning of the Aiel war, his blue eyed stare can unsettle the toughest soldier. Being a very proud man, his armour is always well polished and his cloak always as white as snow. He has shoulder length, raven black hair, which is gathered at the nape of his neck by a white ribbon to match his cloak. The slight greying at his temples only adds to his authoritarian look.


Personality: Damon is a soldier first and last. He has a great sense of duty and is utterly devoted to serving the Light, but not blindly. He knows of the flaws within the Children and within their teachings. He also has schooled caution into his speech to hide such view from his more narrow-minded brethren. So he doesn't appear to be a very talkative person off the battlefield. Although considered a good battle leader by his fellow officers and knowledgeable by his friends, he keeps most of his counsel to himself except to a select few. He is respectful to those whom deserve it but also demands it in return. He knows of his intimidating stature and does use it to his advantage at times but he does not flaunt it. Usually he is very reserved and likes to think on matters before engaging but once set, he is unrelenting. 


History: growing up in Amadicia, Damon always had a deep respect for the Children. His most treasured possession was a white leather bound copy of “the Way of the Light”, which his father gave him on his tenth name day. His days were spent practicing the sword and mastering the use of a warhorse, under the hard eyes of his father. Cathel Shinnin was a Senior lieutenant among the Children and had always known that his son would follow behind him. Damon’s training had begun from the first moment he was able to raise a sword. His nights, however, were spent in books until sleep crept up on him. He studied his White book almost every night. Trying to gain understanding of Mantelar’s true vision. 
Over the years, Damon had many arguments with his father over ‘Whitecloak’ viewpoints. It was during one of these arguments when he disputed the steadfast opinion of his father that all Whitecloaks were true to the light, that he learned his first lesson in discretion. After that he grew distant from his father, but still knew that he would follow in his father’s footsteps. At the age of sixteen he joined the Children of the Light.
He rose quickly through the ranks due to his knowledge and skill learned from his father. Gaining the rank of Bannerman at the age of nineteen, he was taken under the wing of a white-haired Lord Captain. Lord Captain Somhall had served with Damon’s father in the ‘Whitecloak War' of 957 NE, and respected him as a soldier and thought that his son would equal if not surpass him. It was under his guidance that Damon learned how to lead men, both in battle and in life. Damon respected Somhall more than he ever did his father, and fought beside him as a personal shield. Somhall taught Damon about the importance of patience and to “survey the field before you deploy”.
It was in a skirmish battle on the borders of Cairhien, when Somhall’s unit, was surrounded and outnumbered. Fighting with all his strength to defend his Lord Captain, Damon cut a pathway to where a single white cloak swirled in the movements of its owner, in battle against three foes. No matter how hard Damon and his comrades fought, that cloak was always out of reach and eventually it fell. Damon and a few others survived that skirmish and returned Somhall’s body to the Fortress of Light. Damon was given the rank of lieutenant for his valour and was transferred to another unit.
After five years of dedicated service to the light Damon was again promoted, this time to Senior-lieutenant and posted near Dorlan, a village east of Tar Valon. To watch the comings and goings of the Aes Sedai. And it was there he remained until the Aiel war.
Fighting the Aiel was like nothing that Damon had experienced before. He had fought in many battles but none were so ferocious as this. Fields ran red with blood where ever his company went, fighting back the black veiled Aiel. Damon’s unit suffered many casualties and was pushed back to Tar Valon but held as long as they could. Damon was severely wounded with a spear in his chest and a long gash down his face. His Lord Captain was killed in the same battle and the men scattered. Lying among the wounded he knew his time was growing short and he closed his eyes in prayer and thought that he had lived his life in the Light to the best of his ability.
Suddenly, a cold shiver ran through his body and took his breath from his chest. He opened his eyes only to see the ageless face of an Aes Sedai. When she saw his eyes open she laid him down again and moved on. Damon stared into the heavens, his mind racing once again with doubts as they did when he was a child. Aes Sedai were known as Darkfriends. They used the same power that destroyed the world. Yet one of them had just saved the live of one of those sworn to oppose her. Fingering his chest where a hole should be, Damon tried to reason out why. 
Once he had fully recovered, Damon returned to Amadicia. Raised to the rank of Captain, he spent his days in the Dome of Truth planning strategy with the other present officers, or on the field, training recruits. Due to his field experience, and his training under Lord Captain Somhill, he was accounted one of the best strategists among those present. So finally, he was sent back to Tar Valon to observe their movements, but this was not his only agenda.
He still could not shake the question that if Aes Sedai were truly Darkfriends, why would they have come to the Children's aid with their Healing? It did not fit.
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