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AIEL - Warrior - Cairin


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Full name: Cairin
Age: 19
Clan: dragonmount
Role: warrior

Current Weapon Strength: 10


Bio link

Progress report

Aiel Progression System: link

Bio approval: 20/01/2012 

RP's to be done to match bio:

Permission for Solo RP: 'What it means to be Aiel' + 'Ji'e'Toh' can be done as Solo RP's (each in a seperate RP thread)



What it means to be Aiel: link
Ji'e'Toh: link

Welcome to your Society: link (this needs to be your first post-bio RP, àfter the above two have been finished)

How to report your RP's

When your RP is finished, post a link to the RP thread here with the name of the progression system level the RP is meant for.








Example: if you've finished your RP in which your character learns What it means to be Aiel, you post here the following:


What it means to be Aiel: link

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Sorry it took so long to go over this Wedge.


Both RP's are well written en cover the required topic quite well. I am a bit dissapointed at the shortness of each RP. To compare with a regular RP that would take several posts from each of the RPers involved, I'd kind of expected a piece that was about 3 times as large as the pieces you've made.


However, despite the shortness, both texts do show a decent understanding of both topics concerning Aiel life and we feel that is more important than text sizes.



Your Aiel has risen to WS 10. Congratulations! :biggrin:

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