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Rik Church

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Hello everyone. My name is Rik Church and I have been a loyal reader since the very first printing of " The eye of the world " ( Has it really been 23 years since the first book!? Amazing! ) and I can honestly say no other book series save Tolkiens LOTR has kept me captivated and enthralled like Mr Jordans WoT series has. I just finished "A memory of light " and I am astounded at the cpacity of these books to make me feel. Am I the only one who got choked up [AMOL spoiler removed]? Outstanding end to a groundbreaking and remarkable achievement for everyone involved.

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AMOL spoiler, sorry!
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You should watch out for the spoilers, I don't believe they are allowed in this board! See this thread for details.


Full discussion allowed here.


Welcome either way! I look forward to the stories that people will eventually post to fanfiction.net. There are some really great authors there, and now that we have a true ending we will see people put more work into their stories!


If you haven't already, go read Brandon Sanderson's other books. Mistborn is a trilogy (with a follow up book after) which I enjoyed greatly. The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive Book 1) is also one of the BEST books and enjoyed probably more than the first 3 books of WoT. Can't wait until he releases the next 9!

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