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Approved AIEL Bio (FL): Cairin (Warrior) - CC'd by WT


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DM Handle: Wedge

Character Info Full name: Cairin

Age: 19 Clan: Dragonmount

Role: Warrior

Weapon Score: 8


History: Cairin's growth in the threefold land was as arduous as most others. Many would say his weight was too small, or he was too skinny. “Cairin you must eat more or you will waste away”, the wise ones often said to him as a child. This was a test he thought. He would eat no more than any others.


His only friend was his first sister Avlin. She was determined to be a Maiden, and he a warrior. It was known. It was both of their passion. Learn to fight, live off of the threefold land, grow strong. Both growing into young adulthood, they were proud of their training, doing much of it together. Many joking that Cairin himself hoped to be a Maiden of the Spear in order to stay with his sister. He persevered despite.


He and Avlin beginning to skulk the Three Fold Land and take part in raids agains the Shaido. He and Avlin were alone scouting through the desert. "I see him too", she said. They lay low in the dirt, Cadin'sor blending into the ground perfectly. "It is the dusk and heat playing tricks on the eyes. no cloth can blend into the background like you say. Those wetlanders should not be in the Three Fold Land." The two travelers sauntered idly through that land as if not in a rush, following a caravan of traders. "It is not the dusk. I see that he moves like a warrior, he must be a guard for the caravan of traders. The man wore a sword. It made him want to spit. But he did move like a man who knew how to dance the spears. “I want to trade with them sister.” She nodded an approval, as they stalked forward, circling the caravan as they set up camp for the night checking the area.


No others hid, no other Aiel were nearby. Cairin and Avlin both stood from their hiding spots not far from the semi-circle of caravans. Men and woman jumped in surprise, some hiding below the wagons, others shouting alarms. The man in the strange cloak merely looked, putting his hand on his sword. The woman in the hood judged them as a wise woman would. Intense eyes weighing and creating reasons you were wrong about everything.


“We only wish to trade Wetlanders, we will not dance the spears at this time.” Cairin said, the men relaxing visibly, though they still look wary. “umm yes! Welcome welcome, we have wares from across the earth. From Tarabon to Andor, from Saldae to Shara!”, crawling out from under his cart, the leader of this group saw profit and was the first to speak. “Perhaps you like fabrics, pins, or.. something special?' Avlin moved directly towards the colored rugs.... the trader helping her look, proclaiming the skill of Tairen Weavers. Where is “Tair” he thought to himself.


The hooded woman walked up to Cairen. “hello Young one, I am Kiram Sedai and his is my companion. I am very curious about you.” “I see you Kiram Aes Sedai, I am Cairen of the Dragon mount clan.” He had never met an Aes Sedai before, but he would respect her as he does a wise one. And she questioned him exactly as a wise on would have, scribling into a small book she produced. He felt those judging eyes. As quickly as she approached him, she shuffled off, clearly interested in his sisters words now.


A man sitting on his horse drawn caravan was looking at the him with interest. “Hey you.... Aielman”, he said, “I would be wary of the Aes Sedai. The things they say and the things the mean are never the same.” “They are to be respected Wetlander.” “So you say, so you say.” The wetlander looked around for a moment. “have you ever seen an illuminators flower tube Aielman?” not waiting for a response he went on, “It is an interesting item. It will make the most beautiful colors.” Putting the tube down on the ledge next to his foot, Carin lifted the item inspecting it. “Now you be careful with that!”


The tube was plain as could be, with a braided robe coming ou of a small hole in the middle of the tube. What was so special about this. Holding the tube in the crook of his left arm, he toyed with the braided string. “Don't touch that Aielman! Give it back....” He poked at the top of the tube where it was covered with simple brown cloth.... WHOOMMP!!!! The world went white, Cairin could not see or hear. Slowly his senses returned, as well as a burning on his face and body. Laying on the ground, his hand was bloody.


Turning he saw two of the carts had been missing, and others damaged. "Cairin... she called softly." He scrambled up searching for his sister. Her body was mangled, missing part of her arm, and much of a leg below the knee. The Aes Sedai and man in the cloak lay bloodied, unconscious. He did not check to see if they lived. His sister had not woken from the dream.


Lifting her, he ran as quickly as he could back to the hold. Shouting as he entered, Gai Shain and Wise ones came quickly to tend to Avlin. As she was being pulled away from him he had one moment to whisper into her ear, “I have Toh” Gai Shain tended to him as well,for the first time he realized that he was missing parts of two of his fingers on his left hand.


They picked a large piece of broken wood out of his chest and dabbed a deep gash in his cheek. He did not feel the physical pain. He felt the shame of possibly killing an Aes Sedai, equal to killing a wise one. And the deeper shame of ruining his sisters dream of being a Maiden.


“I Have Toh” he whispered to himself. In the weeks and months that followed, Cairin threw himself into every raid possible. His sister could not fight, so he did double for the both of them. He fought and worked without stop. She had not released him from his Toh, and he did not feel it met.

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For some stupid reason or other it didn't post my paragraph breaks. I can't fix it, because going to edit just shows me the text WITH breaks and posting it removes the breaks again. So sorry for the one big block of text, it isn't my idea.

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Cross checked by the White Tower........One question though, where is Tair?


"Where is “Tair” he thought to himself. "


That was an attempted joke about "Tairen" Rugs. Them being from "Tear", but he wouldn't know that.  

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Here is the other info that got cut out of the bio:




Physical appearance: Tall, even for an Aiel and skinnier than most
as well as dark red hair cut in the Aiel warrior manner. He has a small
scar arcing up from his lip towards his eye on the left side, a larger
scar that goes from his sternum towards his left shoulder, and the loss
of his left pinky finger below the first knuckle as well as his ring
finger below the second knuckle.

Physical weakness: His Scarred left hand makes is hard to carry
extra spears behind his buckler. He often carries only 1 extra, as
opposed to the 2 or 3 that other Aiel carry.
Physical strength: Height and Flexibility, Skinnier than most, he is quicker than many warriors expect.

Personality: A serious man with a subtle sense of
humor that most miss on the rare occasion that he uses it. He uses his
dour demeanor to read into personalities and situations as he feels he
is an outsider even among his clan.

Personality weakness: Cairin suppresses anger within that he feels
is distinctly not Aiel, wishing often to lash out. This is not the way
of things as he sees it. So he is quick to announce his Toh for events
that may not incur Toh in most others. He has always felt an outsider
amongst his own people due to this anger and how his sister was injured.

Personality strength: His daily work at suppressing his outbursts
have made him keen at sensing anger in others and forced him to be able
to look at problems objectively. As one who is tied to few, he can watch
people and see their patterns in movement and life. He is trusted as a
person who can be depended on in battle, even if they do not like him

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