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Wheel of Time inspired Rock/Classical Piece

Jac Fouché

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Hi Guys!


This is the link to a piece I wrote for String Quartet and Electric Guitar, which was inspired by the Aiel!

It was performed in the Endler Hall, Stellenbosch, South Africa on the 30th of August, 2012.


Here's the link:




And if anyone's interested, here are the program notes to the piece:



"The name of this piece originates in the fictional literature of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The Dedicated (better known as the Aiel), are a nation of tribal desert warriors that are constantly at war with each other – they refer to battle as “the dance” or “the dance of spears”. However savage and violent they may seem, they live by a strict moral code of honour and are more strongly bound to it than to their lives. Known only to the clan leaders, the Aiel have a secret, tragic history of lost glory that they are sworn not to repeat.


In the piece itself, written for string quartet and electric guitar, the capturing of these many different elements is attempted in order to produce a coherent whole. There is a melancholy tint to the piece, which at certain points in the music also alludes to the immense pride of these people, but the main focus remains that of “the dance of the spears”. The piece can be seen as a skirmish between clans, sometimes with scouting or preparations for battle being made, with the confrontation building to a climax, while other times everything is calm, when suddenly the fighting erupts out of nowhere and one is thrown back into the fray. Although war is vicious and brutal, the price is nothing compared to the glory and exhilaration for these warriors, and in some of the passages of the piece, one can gain a glimpse of the glory of “the dance”. So call the pipers, and let the dance begin!"

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