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  1. Despite some of the pronunciation issues (which were fairly minor in my opinion....easy enough to figure out what they are talking about) I thoroughly enjoyed the audio books. I think Kate and Micheal are great narrators, in this series and many others. It's all a matter of opinion of course, but I highly recommend the audio books
  2. She also had the respect and friendship of Bain and Chiad, two maidens of the spear. Possibly Faile's connection with them added to the interest of Cha Faile. Perrin also had a strong connection with Gaul.
  3. Bayaz is up there for certain. I'll agree with Bayaz (I'm almost done the last book, and I sense he may be more of a jerk than I originally thought. I'll find out soon enough). But I find a lot of the other characters kind of endearing. I especially like Glokta and The Bloody Nine. You gotta be realistic about these things....say one thing about Logen Ninefingers, say he's pretty bada$$. Jezal has come a long way too, I think. Maybe my opinions will change as I get to the end of this last book, but for the most part I liked the characters. Thats the great thing about all forms of art I guess.....we can all enjoy them, even if one different levels.
  4. Thanks for everything Luckers!!!
  5. I'm just glad that the audio books were released the same day. I'm a single father of 2 kids and also work full time, so my schedule doesn't really allow for pleasure reading. Without the audio version of the series to enjoy on my commute or while house cleaning, etc. I would have never got to experience the series. It has been mentioned that E-book sales can be "messy" when determining best seller rank, and it's been mentioned that they are not determining factors at all. I'm not sure which is true, but it seems that the audio version does not share that trait, since it was released the same day. Is there a difference in how audio sales and electronic sales are calculated?
  6. Definitely put me under the banner of Durinax! For the Maple Leaf!!!!!
  7. I just finished listening to this part on the way to work this morning...When Verin asks him why he didn't ask where she got the drawings of him, he said "I figured you just Saidar-ed it" Hilarious!!
  8. Trade that cig for a pipe full of Two Rivers Tabac and it would be perfect!! Even still...Mat is definitely the first thing I think of when seeing it.
  9. Thanks for all the work you have done in presenting the gems you've found (and for the flashback to statistics class) I've thoroughly enjoyed every post in your Fan Art Fridays, and I will miss it as well.
  10. I agree that Micheal and Kate are top notch when it comes to narrators. I'm also glad to hear that I am not the only one who likes to hear a British accent, although I agree that it wouldn't fit with the WOT series. Micheal and Kate did a great job with The Way of Kings, IMO. Two more of my favorites are Jonathon Davis and Marc Thompson, who have done a lot of the Star Wars novels.
  11. THat's cruel...having to choose between those things. Caf and Tabac got together like peanut butter and Jelly. I guess I would take the Tabac. Would you rather be a White Tower novice or a Wise One Apprentice?
  12. Brilliant!! I think vampirate said it best when he described it as haunting. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  13. From Lord of Chaos, when Mat was attacked by Aiel in The Band's camp: Mat slipped back and left them to it. The general who leads in the front of battle is a fool. That came from one of those old memories, a quote from somebody whose name was not part of the memory. A man could get killed in there. That was pure Mat Cauthon.
  14. I started a re-read (actually re-listen in my case) towards the end of September to be ready for aMoL. This will be my third time through the series. I'm currently on Lord of Chaos, and do not plan on skipping any, although I'm tempted to. I want to have everything fresh in my mind for the Last Battle. I like Elayne and Eggy less and less each time through, and like Mat more and more!
  15. Also, be sure to check out peregrine's Fan Art Fridays Great artwork posted there every week!!
  16. I love all the different styles of art this week. Keep up the great work peregrine!!
  17. She won't be pleased to hear you say that, being the Creator and all. I literally lol'ed on that one!!
  18. It will be revealed that Graendal has had weaves of compulsion around Nyn, Elayne, and Eggy since the beginning of tEotW. Finally we will have an explanation for the self-diluted, snooty, and totally unjustified arrogance that they display in the entire series. (Sorry, but every re-read those 3 irritate me more and more)
  19. Absolutely LOVE Liandrin in that picture!! I have always had a a hard time picturing her, mostly because I can't imagine a 'rosebud mouth'. But I now officially have a mental picture of her. I always look forward to Fan Art Friday. I may be in the minority here, but I like to have an idea of what to imagine while I'm reading. For example, I have read all the Star Wars books, and I already have an accurate picture in my head for most of the main characters. Sometimes its hard for me to come up with those images on my own.
  20. I also like: Also, you can all go rot in a flaming pit of fire and ashes, you unwashed lumps on a pig’s backside. Have a grand bloody day.” - Matrim Cauthon (Towers of Midnight)
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