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Lucker's locked angry post


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Luckers is an admin on this site and it seems to me that he abused this privelege by setting forth, in public, a problem he has with a book writer.


Luckers took a twitter post personally and used his site admin priveleges to air his anger. Not impressive.


He then locked the thread once Mr Sanderson made clear the fact that his twitter comment wasn't aimed at Luckers.


Luckers, either get some distance or take a holiday, or risk making further errors of diplomacy where your ego overpowers your objectivity. Your complaint reeked of someone trying to take advantage of their status as a consumer.


Are you not aware that suppliers placate consumers?


What purpose did your thread really serve?


You do not speak for me or any other 'WoT fan' and this is a post I'm writing to make that clear, no matter what you choose to do to the thread.

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Actually the thread was locked by one of the mods due to fighting between posters. I chose to use my admin power to then add Brandon's reply as the last word--I needn't have done that, and you will note it speaks against the point I was angry over.


If that's an abuse of power, well its an abuse in good faith to Brandon, and we are still in discussion about the whole issue, he and I. I'll be sure to make him aware of the show of support for him.


I am going to lock this thread. Everyone go out and take a breath as the OP suggests. I intend to.

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I would just like to add that it was me that locked the thread, and here is the quote from when I did, just to make things absolutely clear.


Alright, I am going to lock this topic for a while. It has gone off topic. It was not started with the intent to debate the pros and cons of Brandon sanderson, nor to complain about others. It was to discuss the quote that was originally posted, that discussion has long come to an end. If you wish to discuss it further, take it to the "Thisguy" thread set aside for critique purposes.


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