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  1. Thanks for describing how your theory about how saidin and saidar wouldn't be kept separate by Jordan ultimately failed. It reminds the reader about one of the main themes of the series, which is: division doesn't help, and unity includes everyone to create a tapestry, a complete whole. He alludes to this in the forces of light and dark as well as male and female. As a person who knows both my own light and darkness I could argue that the dual states don't really exist because I experience both day to day. And life is a mix of the two. Jordan intended the point to be ma
  2. You've never heard my rendition of Turtle Dove (Ralph Vaughan Williams) :)
  3. I mentioned it after seeing it in articles, posts, news alerts and main page headlines on this site. Saying I'm the only one who mentioned it is incorrect. Sony would not have publisiced them acting as producier if they were not signed up as producers. That does not guarantee the show will get made; it merely indicates there are producers attached to it. I'd have thought this was self evident yet here I am pointing it out to you. The 'evidence' you seek is in the news posts described above, where it mentioned by name those who would be producing this show. I made no attempt to portray
  4. Wouldn't have thought it mattered if he was a good boy scout and can perform the requisite Hail Mary's. What should matter here is having deep pockets which, as he's still strongly affiliated to Sony, he seems to have. He only has what he steals. He blew through the money he inherited and moved on to theft and fraud, It's not like he's changed his ways. He's in ongoing litigations for the same things. He was a poor choice, as bad as red eagle, and it makes me really wonder what kind of legal advice the estate gets. Not sure how being affiliated with Sony means anything, or h
  5. Wouldn't have thought it mattered if he was a good boy scout and can perform the requisite Hail Mary's. What should matter here is having deep pockets which, as he's still strongly affiliated to Sony, he seems to have.
  6. Radar was founded in 1982 through its origin at Interscope Communications. Radar is headed by Ted Field, a proven and respected icon in the entertainment industry with a 30 year plus career as a creative and business executive in movies, music, television and digital media. Radar and its management team have produced over 60 feature films that have generated over $7 Billion in revenue, and is considered one of the industry’s top Producers. For updates on our current release slate please refer to www.imdb.com http://www.radarpictures.com/#
  7. This. TV is a different medium than books, so writing style doesn't have a lot to do with the end result. That said, I'd not mind if they skipped him when it comes to WoT. He already has too many things on his plate and I'd like to see the series finished someday, even though my enjoyment of it has waned significantly since the first book. I think WoT has quite the potential to be a good series, but its success will owe to more than one element in the whole process :) Agreed. He would definitely do it properly, though. :p
  8. Where has he done this outside of aSoIaF? See above; also mentioned in the link is that he's been writing for TV since 1984.
  9. People in this thread don't seem to realise that GRRM is a top-notch editor and screenplay artist. You don't need to enjoy his books, writing or abilities to appreciate the experience he has in adapting fantasy books for the TV screen... He's probably the best in the world at that today. Also, a WoT TV series might have more in common with a Napoleonic series than a LoTR or GoT series...
  10. Get George R.R. Martin (or his crew) to help with the screenplays.
  11. Moridin is obviously a double agent, he knows that in order to win the game and capture/kill the Fisher he has to play both sides or risk a war of attrition that reduces his chances of success. That's why he's ruling the black tower, masquerading as Taim, and yet still helps or hinders Rand as he sees fit.
  12. Ohh, *chortle chortle*; we're all so glad you're here to get the jokes for us.
  13. Elayne is one of my favourite characters. She's positive, bright, ambitious, sexy and funny. She's been told she'll inherit the throne of Andor and this is why she puts on airs. When she first arrives back to the palace and Birgitte is telling her she needs bodyguards, Elayne blushes because no-one should see a queen being disagreed with. That sort of thing exasperates her, and she uses intelligence to plot revenge against people that do it to her, but always with a wink and a glint in her eye. RJ is sure to humiliate her soon after though: she's attacked by 3 men, 1 with a poisoned dagger
  14. Luckers is an admin on this site and it seems to me that he abused this privelege by setting forth, in public, a problem he has with a book writer. Luckers took a twitter post personally and used his site admin priveleges to air his anger. Not impressive. He then locked the thread once Mr Sanderson made clear the fact that his twitter comment wasn't aimed at Luckers. Luckers, either get some distance or take a holiday, or risk making further errors of diplomacy where your ego overpowers your objectivity. Your complaint reeked of someone trying to take advantage of their status as
  15. They nerfed channelers for balance reasons in the d20 game. The OP has a far better interpretation.
  16. I'm wearing my hat of open-mindedness. Rob Alexander brings good credibility to the project, as does an established game design team like JetSet. Edit: By the way, Kilika? You don't speak for me, or anyone else on this forum. I'd appreciate it if you didn't imply that you did during your campaign against Red Eagle and JetSet etc. Hearing them say that they've 'lost the support of the WoT community' because you trolled them isn't good.
  17. I think Moridin bonded Taim, which is why Taim held his hand stiffly behind his back: he shares some of his master's discomfort through the bond.
  18. In order to entirely block the DO from the world, Rand will also have to block off the OP. His children will not go on to destroy the Aiel and become avatars. Instead, the world will turn away from the OP over time, allowing science to bring us to today's age... until someone bores a hole into the DO's prison once more, or once again learns to channel.
  19. I had a short night and a very long day, so please forgive my unfocused eyes. But the first time I scrolled by this post I saw: ((BELA + time = faith) = Trust) = 'The power to have faith in my decisions'. Here endeth the lesson! :D
  20. I see what you did there. I guess that you're keen to discuss the Creator as a charcater or plot device, allowing yourself the liecense to draw comparisons to real-world religions and speculate on the Creator's subsequent origins in RJ's mind within a familiar paradigm, yet draw the line at questions that poke at the idea of 'free will' which was the catalyst you used to develop your entire original argument. TUD '...I think y'all are missing an essential element to Christianity (And almost every religion I've ever studied) that informs RJ's approach to The Creator: Free Will'.
  21. I understand the following formula: ((Belief + time = faith) = Trust) = 'The power to have faith in my decisions'. Having faith in the choices I make is very different to having 'free will'. The above should show how I can not believe in Free Will, but can still have faith in a power greater than myself. You wrote, 'I'm not sure exactly what point you are trying to make, but I'll asume you're attempting to refute the existance of free will... Without free will, you cannot have faith or lack thereof', which is, IMHO, where you went wrong - hence my 'time wasting' comment, because th
  22. Would 'continued existence' count as suffucuent motivation to stay faithful to the Light, Morsker?
  23. Thanks for putting some thought into my question. :) My next thought would be to say that we as humans do not sense extra-universal things beyond the limits of our senses. We are not omniscient like gods. We exist in a closed system - the four dimensions of space-time we can actually perceive. With that in mind, it is clear that time as we see it exists within that limited system. Hence, any choices we make are made within the constraints of that closed system. Therefore 'free will' refers to a set of choices we have that are limited by the realities of our universe. Limited cho
  24. You didn't answer my questions; instead you went off at a tangent about not understanding them, when you would've understood my point just fine if you'd answered the questions... What a waste of time. :/
  25. ... and then I'd say that the sudden inclusion of unforeseen 'talents' is rather cheap.
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